Sunday, September 30, 2012

Fear Less 8 x 10 giclee print of my original vintage paper, ink & gouache typographic collage - Susan Black

I'm doing another workshop this afternoon. I keep reminding myself that it's actually a loveshop, that I'll be spending 3 hours sharing experience & knowledge of stuff I love. It's all passionate stuff. So ... thinking about it that way I know it should will be loads of fun.

History & the Present battle on in my head. Two completely opposing points of view, ya think I'd be used to this fight by now !? History's position is that I'm shy, self-conscious, socially inept and basically I loathe anything that even remotely resembles a workshop (History laughed and fell off her chair when I called this afternoon's event a loveshop). A big darn eye roll from me. The Present, who's recently grasped (& embraced whole heartedly) the concept of ya never really know anything for sure anyway. Yells at me, in an attempt to drown out History, you love what you do, you are filled with passion - share a little of it. Plus it's going to be FUN, you know you always do your best. Lighten Up, Be Kind to You & Enjoy these moments.

The last thing the Present whispers to me is  
& Hey You ! have a kick ass loveshop !


  1. Let me join the Present and say, "Hey, you, lovely lady all dressed in fabulous love and creative spark--have an unreal & wondrous loveshop"


  2. Good for you. I want to join the Present too. I love the idea of a "loveshop".

  3. ditto from Us + tail wags for a great workshop. ~moose

  4. Have fun. It will be another success story!

  5. Trey wanted me to give you a message: "Woof ? bark ? ruff bark, grrr, woof !"

    I think a "ruff" translation would be " future ? past ? only today. happy today.


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