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Monday, September 17, 2012

from the photo archives / mock orange with citrus leaves - chocolate brown bedroom

In this moment, there is plenty of time. 
In this moment, you are precisely as you should be. 
In this moment, there is infinite possibility. 

Victoria Moran

Being present: how to become unstuck & more productive

September has been a sticky month thus far. I wouldn't say I'm actually stuck but I am aware of this stickiness. I'm aware that I'm not propelling myself forward with the vim & vigour of the last 2 - 4 months and I'll be honest it freaks me out just a little. After a summer of full tilt, deadline driven projects all from external customers September has been slow paced, relaxing, still with lots of deadlines but now the deadlines are all internally created - by me. Oh Oh ! My own big freakin' CE building, to-do list of deadlines - I guess I'm no task master. I'm too soft, flexible ... too easy going.

I've got lots of very important stuff planned (& wished for) by the end of this year. Big stuff. So this new Monday, new week, half way point in this tres sticky month my intention for unsticking myself is to slow down. Ya huh !! Not to do less 'cause actually I've been happily adding lots of new things to my dance card but to slow down doing the things I'm doing. To be present. No more multi-tasking. To pay attention to what I'm doing. To catch myself thinking & planning & racing in my mind while I'm doing something else. To stop rushing through my life. To set reasonable goals & if I become stuck with something on my to-do list. Come back to it later, take a pass and move slowly & intentionally on to the next thing.

It's a huge challenge but I'm game to try.


  1. Sounds sensible. And it also sounds like (now I know this is simple stuff, Susan!) you might just be a teensy bit TIRED????? It's been a hectic few months after all! Be present, but perhaps with your feet up and a good book now and again?

    Your Great Aunt Rachel

  2. sweet great Aunt Rachel - truthfully "tired' hadn't occurred to me - you could very well be right. I think you get so used to the fast lane that a slower, relaxing, easy pace seems like you're slacking off. xo les Gang

  3. Nervous energy can be far more exhausting than physical energy, you know. I used to joke that I could work off pounds in just a few minutes by getting worked up about something, but it really is a bit like too much coffee. Every now and then you have to sit back and take a little caffeine break!

  4. I definitely am a ball of nervous energy Veg Artist which I guess is why I am trying do hard to slow myself down, to be (more often) in the moment, to be with the task I'm doing. To breathe - ahhh to breathe deeply. It's a bit of an ongoing retraining program.

  5. Stopping to take a breath sounds like a good idea Susan. You've got lots of wonderful stuff going on. Enjoy every minute. B R E A T H E.


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