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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Fear Less Love More - 11 x 14 giclee print on 400 gram textured water colour paper - Susan Black

It's time for me to place another enormous giclee order. My etsy shop & fabulous retailers (Inkwell Modern in Halifax & Dots & Loops in Lunenberg) all need new inventory, new stuff. It's my goal whenever I place a new giclee order to try and have as many NEW things as possible, New botanical collages, new type collages. New is good. New means showing up at the creativity desk, turning off the chattering procrastination channel & carrying on with some bold, dive-in-wontcha-girlfriend unabashed braveness.

Why is being creative always such a struggle, why is it so difficult ?

This new piece in my current best loved colour palette of kraft, cream & black (aren't you all glad I've left the neon pink, orange & coral phase at least for the time being - wink) has become almost overnight a new botanical collage favourite. The funny thing is that you have absolutely no idea how much I struggled to finish it. How many times I came so close to ripping it up. I had to physically shut my brain off and strong arm me & myself into continueing with the scissors and glue, I had to force myself to finish it. And yes there was always a tiny whisper of a voice in the background trying to tell me ... you're just in the ugly phase, keep going, carry on ... finish it - trust yourself.

Now Me & Myself gets to taunt the other Me & Myself & say "told you so, you never listen".

I'm telling this story because I want every person who struggles along with me to change, to grow and to be creative in any way to remember you must push through and ignore those nasty voices. Dive in, keep going, trust in yourself, lie to that nattering critic and you will grow and change and become whatever it is you desire to be. Trust me.


  1. I just simply LOVE it! Tail wags ~moose

  2. You're so right and we can't hear that enough times. I'm always try to beat the same message into my head. Thanks!

  3. i'm so glad you ignored the ugly voices and finished it! it is simply beautiful :)

  4. I love that colour combo - beautiful. So glad you ploughed through the ugly phase!

  5. I loved the other colours and I am loving the new colours! I was the Library tonight and author Donna Morrissey was reading from her new book -The Deception of Livvy Higgs (her 5th novel). She also talked about the writing process and about all those negative voices telling her that her writing is no good, throw it away, etc. but she said the only thing to do is to trust the process and keep going.


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