rain, rain

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

geraniums - chocolate brown bedroom - from earlier this week

It's raining, it's pouring actually. Soaking everything. We've had an incredibly hot, dry summer so the rain is good & I love rain - it makes me feel motivated. It makes me feel cozy & content in my newly cleaned office/studio space, desk lights on because it's a dim grey day. Oliver sound asleep on his pillow topped window sill, Miss D snoring in her bed at my feet. Both big windows wide open and fresh cool air fills the room and the sound of dripping, streaming, poring rain.

I'm having a relaxing Sept. so far - throwing myself into Module 1 of The Art & Business of Surface Design (with Rachel Taylor + Beth Nicolls) which is all about drawing, mark making and finding your groove ... finding your voice & style and I'm loving it ! this cousre & me were meant to BE ;-)

I'm hosting another collage/mixed media workshop here in my lil' village at the ChatterBox Cafe. Sunday Sept. 30th from 1-4pm - if you live nearby we'd love to have you join us - email me for details. I have a workshop coming up in October at coolest shop of design goodness Inkwell In Halifax (date still to come and I will be participating in Deanne Fitzpatrick's Big Lesson's on a Small Canvas as part of the Nova Scotia Fibre Arts Festival workshop.

& I have a new "happy fall" card I designed for American Greetings check it out here


  1. ahhhh.... to be in Nova Scotia! Love the little squirrel, even though they tend to eat Mom's bulbs she plants each Autumn. Excellent about Inkwell.
    Enjoy those rain drops + class. Tail wags, ~moose

  2. American Greetings ! You're in the big time now. Great card Susan.


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