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Friday, September 21, 2012

*detail from - Zinnia No.1 - 11 x 14 giclee print of original botanical collage drawing - Susan Black

I'll admit that I have many favourite times of the day. I love 8:30 pm-ish when I try each night to retire to the chocolate brown room with various fur friends to begin my nightly reading ritual, I love heading out the door at 7:45 am-ish  with Missy D for our morning stroll around the village or sometimes along the salt mine road but my favourite time of day hands down is early morning. I am a morning girl - big time.

We have 2 alarm clocks here at 29 Black Street. The first is Bleet (our only outside cat) yowling to be let out so he can sit in his pillow topped wicker chair on our front porch to enjoy the sunrise. Our second alarm clock is the magical sound of our coffee maker kicking in at 5:30 (ya huh ! we like to wake early here) gurgle & spurt & more gurgling. By just past 6 I'm still snuggled under the covers taking the occassional sip from my bedside cup of coffee which has been delivered to me by one charming Prince. I love to wake up super slowly, I love to ease into each brand new day.

By the time I go downstairs to pour my second cup of coffee the Prince is up & beginning his own morning ritual and I'm heading back to bed ready for the best part of my morning girlness. My *morning pages. I puff up the pillows, sit up in bed & have both my dayplanner & my journal open & ready. Sam & Oliver almost always hanging out on the bed with me, Winnie snoozing on her big purple bed on the floor & I begin. I plan, I think, I ponder, I write, I sketch, I doodle, I write some more ... I drink my coffee. I feel happy. I feel excited about the prospects of the new day ahead of me. I work out my biggest & best ideas at this time. I sort through & deal with anything at all that's troubling me. It's a gift I began giving myself when I was barely an adult. I realize now, though it still feels like a gift - it's actually the smartest & most important 90 mins of my daily life.

good things - I'm making this chocolate mint extravaganza + omg ! sighing this line drawing with gold details

* & Julia Cameron discussing the creative habit of Morning Pages


  1. Yeah to A.M.! not the coffee...I am a tea girl + Moose a water boy.
    tail wags ~moose Now get on with your lovely day!!!

  2. I love Bleet's morning routine!

    As much as we have in common, I am not a morning person at all. I wouldn't be able to stay awake with Sam and Oliver on the bed in the morning. And if Winnie started to snore, I would pass out. Too much slumber encouragement for me!

  3. They say a person is either a Night Owl or a Morning Lark - perhaps even genetically coded from birth. When I tell people that ideally I go to bed around 8:30pm I do get plenty of dramatic & uncomprehending "eye rolls" so I'd say the world seems mostly filled with your fellow Night Owls John.

    It's quite easy to be a morning person if you're tucked in each night before 9pm. The whos, whats & whys of all of this- tres interesting

  4. I love your morning ritual -- especially the part about the Prince bringing you coffee in bed.


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