trying but ...

Friday, September 28, 2012

impromptu pm bathroom photo shoot with - Mr. Hey ! Am-I-Not-the-Most-Handsome-Cat-Ever - Oliver

trying but ... 
subtitled - a little winge

oh my, oh my goodness

If I were to be truly honest I would say I have too much on my plate or I need to learn how to say "No" but ... I love every little thing/project on my plate plus I'm continually dreaming up new plates - or is that projects ? When one chooses the life of the self employed, when one's main thrust in life is growing a small, self-sustaining Creative Empire it becomes difficult to stop & take the time to smell the midday roses. I've been trying, I think, at least that's what I've been telling myself. Trying to fit some other things into this life. Some darn TLC things,  self care things (yoga, stretching, walking),  fun things (lazing around eating bon bons & reading a good book or flipping through the one of the far way many magazines I subscribe to). I'm trying not to be sitting hunched over my desk holding my breath or just forgetting to breath day in day out, day in day out. I think to myself often lately Hey ! get a life you !

But I love my life ... or at least most of it. I'm not crazy about the business side of running a business, that ol' devil is in the darn details part of running your own creative business (no wonder I've been holding my breath) - ordering giclee prints (that job alone for some reason nearly kills me every time), ordering cellophane & envelopes & shipping materials, doing etsy photography & listing new items, & lets not forget les marketing of me & schmoozing & trying trying to constantly be drumming up new tres exciting work.

I know ... you must be thinking B-O-R-I-N-G !! It is boring ... I'm trying so hard to be more efficient with my time, trying so hard to fit more pleasure into my days, trying to be extra sweet to me & my body & to me some more. Trying ... but not yet succeeding. Winge.


  1. I think every self-employed person has aspects of their work that they dislike. My husband hates (as in, will not get around to doing unless nagged - and there is only me to nag him) calculating invoices for work that he has done. And, of course, the longer he puts the job off, the more complicated it gets!
    You are far from alone!

  2. I hear your pain - balance is always the hardest part. I don't think I have heard of an artist who enjoys the business part of being in the art business :)

  3. I totally know where you are coming from. xoxo

  4. Take my word for it. You've got a life. :-) And it seems like a pretty good one.

  5. Susan dear, your life does not sound boring at all though I can see there is a lot of stress. I guess you could say I am 'self employed', though I do not run a business, I am a carer for my son who has Multiple Sclerosis so I do know all about responsibitity, deadlines, as there is no delaying my daily duties and no time off.
    Anyway I still find some enjoyment in life. Hang in there, you will be OK.
    I love these photos of Oliver, he is a truly handsome cat.
    xoxoxo ♡


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