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Thursday, September 13, 2012

Haven No.2 - 9x12 collage drawing - paper & ink 400gm hot press watercolour paper - Susan Black

I'm getting ready for a BIG, lots o' new things, etsy shop update - around the end of  September.

I'm currently working on a brand new calendars for 2013 - a new Lil' Owl Calendar, a type collage calendar & a larger size (Cavallini-ish) botanical collage calendar. I hope to have all three available in the shop by the end of October, in lots of time for Christmas shopping. I'm thinking of opening a separate Big Cartel shop to sell only my originals & am considering selling those originals matted & framed - a little more in shipping costs but so much simpler for the buyer especially if the item is a gift.

I have 2 exciting licensing projects that I'll finally be able to tell/show you about plus let you know where you can purchase these new products with Susan Black (of 29 Black Street) designs - oh Boy !!

I am struggling trying to learn both Photoshop & Illustrator both programs essential for my Surface Design aspirations as well as my my future growth as an artist/illustrator Thankfully I've just signed up for Adobe's Creative Cloud (current Adobe customer's got a special 29.95 per month rate for the first year) giving me unlimited access to all current Adobe programs, updates & tutorials. Here's hoping that I can finally get those two essential programs under my belt.

Workshops coming up - a mixed media (paint, paper, ink) workshop here in Pugwash at the ChatterBox Café Sunday Sept 30th at 1pm. Next up I'm part of Deanne Fitzpatrick's 3 day workshop Big Lessons on a Small Canvas running from Oct 10th-12th. I'll be talking about & exploring the many ways to approach design And finally Andrea R. & I are hosting a type collage workshop at her fantastic Halifax shop Inkwell Modern Handmade - Sunday Oct, 21 - 1pm

So lots o' stuff  happenin' here at the teak topped desk

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  1. Phew. Now shall we look at the blog archive, where so often you shared your fears and anxieties about what you were doing, and see just how far you've come?

    Confidence, focus, industry, result! Well done you!

    Look forward to reading more as you push on to ever greater things.....

  2. Busy indeed! I'm sure you'll accomplish all the technicalities Susan. Remember, nothing can stop you on this marvellous trajectory-its meant to be - your time to shine and conquer!

  3. Susan , so interested in all the things you are doing.. exciting!!!

  4. Can't wait to see the calendars, especially since I have a thing for owls lately!

  5. I've been adoring your creations, style and photos from afar for a while, and I just put it together that you are also in the ABSPD class! Great to see you are also doing all three modules, can't wait to see what else you create!

    I'm off to brazil for two weeks so I'll miss the rest of module 1, but so exciting to get back at it when I return!


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