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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

I choose my photos most often by theme - here the theme is colour & a muted, mostly green palette 

Sometimes the questions are complicated
and the answers are simple
Dr. Seuss

It's early morning cardigan weather again there's a distinct chill in the air as Miss D and I cast our long shadows around this little village out each day on our morning stroll. Last night I watched the sun set at 7:10, as I worked at the TTD, turning the sky above the harbour a spectacular combination of lavenders & corals. Fall is in our air.

I've been pondering, thinking, wondering again about lots of things but especially about this place, this blog. Not wanting to give it up (at all), but feeling that it's time for a make over - not a visual make over (yet) I'm pretty happy with how it's looking - but a wee content makeover. I've been tossing around the idea of scheduling topics for myself, common topics that have shown up here often in the past but always in a random, rather arbitrary way. Topics like cooking, home reno, creativity, gardening, photography, les Gang, you know - all the ones ... what if I made a schedule for myself say a 2 week schedule. Monday - inspiration, Tuesday - cooking & recipes, Wednesday - a passionate observer (am considering moving it here - your thoughts welcome), Thursday - creativity (and so on). Lots of blogs deal with their content this way and I can really see how it helps tremendously to save time because it's easy to be thinking ahead & planning a post when you have a topic/theme schedule. Instead of sitting down each morning & winging it  being spontaneous (spontaneous takes more time than you'd think). Yikes!! there's that word that I'm always insisting I'm not, but I guess in some ways I actually am.

The thing is, I'm trying to fit so much more life into each of my days and I'm finding keeping a fairly tight (kinda rigid actually) schedule through the week is really helping - it's almost like I have a real bossy boss hangin' over my shoulder who doesn't let me frit away time & who is encouraging me (that's a nice way of putting it) always to be tres efficient with my time. I don't mind the bossy boss at all because I want to find time for more ... lots more.

The questions for you my friends who visit here, many of you for a very long time, is what would you like to see here ? What are your favourite bits ? what would you like to see less of ? more of ? something new perhaps ? something blue (snort !) ? Why do you visit here ? what do come for ?? 

Thanks for helping me make this blog better ! 


  1. ok, I'll start... first of all, I don't want you to go away (blog-wise, that is), nor do I want the blog to cause you stress... I like the idea of a theme for each day and, perhaps, you could try taking the weekends "off" as some bloggers I follow do. I also like the idea of bringing the Passionate Observer to the 29 Black Street blog... for selfish reasons. (I'm having a bit of difficulty figuring out what to do as my "part" of the passionate observer)

    Whatever you decide to do will be great with me, short of discontinuing the blog, that is!

    from Gracie and me
    where the mornings are very chilly and the days are absolutely BRILLIANT!!

  2. thank you my friend (I owe you some 29 Black Street snail mail). Thank you ! I think moving the passionate observer here does make sense ... you are not alone in struggling with getting to challenges & feeling obligation - obligation is never good. kisses to Gracie from Winnie & Sam & much love from me xoxo Susan

  3. Susan - i agree with Kathie, just don't close down your blog. Why don't you experiment with some of the changes you've proposed? Themes are good. Intrigued by the Passionate Observer idea. Keep on chuggin', what you're doing is great.

  4. Doesn't matter a bit to me, I like to read all your topics, on a predictable schedule or not. All I ask is you don't get caught up in this fad of taking pictures of your feet constantly. Not too picky here. As long as you keep writing, I'll keep reading and occasionally commenting.

    I like your idea of trying some things different.

  5. As you know, Susan, I look for an entry in your blog daily. I love your photography and your art. Love seeing shots of your fur gang, especially that Oliver who so resembles my Dexter that seeing his beautiful face brings back good memories of my little man.
    I am willing to follow along wherever you take me....

  6. Beauty. Of soul, spirit, physical surroundings and art. Struggle and triumph. Pain and well-deserved joy. That's why I have loved visiting over the years.
    Probably your openess and honesty Susan (not to forget the photography) has made your journey very interesting reading and I feel like part of a cheer squad that enjoys celebrating your successes. Long may they continue.
    Whatever/whenever you post is fine. I enjoy seeing your work and beautiful surroundings in a part of the world so very different physically and seasonally from South Australia.

  7. Claire Q. (Mt.Tremblant)September 25, 2012 at 6:38 PM

    Hi Susan, I read your blog every day whatever the subject is. I always get something positive from whatever you say or cook, or photograph. Thank you for that!!! (I identify with you a lot re self esteem issues, etc). I've bought some of your lovely art too. Regarding a little makeover of your blog, I think scheduling different topics is a great idea. Also, I'll be in Amherst during the Fibre Arts Festival in Oct!!! so am looking forward to meeting you at Deanne's studio!!!

  8. One of the reasons I read your blog is that you are just so ... honest. About what is happening/what has struck you as beautiful/what is worrying you, and so on. None of those things can really be scheduled. Your blog is as it comes, and I, for one, love it as it is.

  9. I say do what makes you happy, themes are a great idea + keep the quotes!
    Tail wags and happy Autumn to all.

  10. Thank you all for these helpful comments - it's making me think maybe my "winging it" each morning with perhaps the addition of some loose structure and/or schedule might be just the thing. It's funny because voicing my feelings here with you, suddenly seems to make the "problem" OK again and not really even a problem anymore.

    That is the very cool thing about daily blogging, it's talking out loud, each day - sometimes with words, sometimes with images. It's getting that thought or idea, whatever it might be, out of my head where I can examine it more clearly (and with the much appreciated support & input of friends). I thank you ! xo s

  11. Hooked - merci !!

    Claire - omg ! I look so forward to meeting you.

    Blue Heron - I'm so glad my photos of Hamiver, oops I mean Oliver remind you of your dear Dexter

    John - thank you my friend - I do solemnly promise absolutely very few pics of my feet (snort). Although my reclining, well manicured toes, not so long ago I did think mildly fetching ;-)

    Pamela - You win the prize my dear for most loyal, loving commenter ever and I do appreciate your consistent love & support more than you know - hugs to you !

    Veg Artist - Tres astute comment and I do think you nailed it - what I like to talk about most often cannot be planned - say it ain't so !! ;-) I am such a mad planner it's sick - that's what this is really all about - my crazy desire to plan & control every aspect of my life - Oh Oh ;-)

    & Moose - kindred spirits are we - a big woof (especially from Miss D & Samuel)

  12. did you see today's ALT topic?
    also, hope you have been taking advantage of all the free classes they are offering on the ALT Channel.
    Tail wags ~moose

  13. MarieCameronStudio.comSeptember 25, 2012 at 11:38 PM

    I come for the photos and I stay for your writing.
    I'm always impressed with your way with words and amused my your musings. I love it all, though the florals and seascapes have a special place in my heart. It's all gold darling! By the way, have you listened to Aimee Mann's Labrador and Peter Himmelman's Dixie the Tiny Dog?

  14. I agree with all of the comments above - I love what you do, whatever you do and come every day to see what you have to show or say. Do what works for you - we will hang around for any and all. You could try the schedule idea but write it in pencil - if you have something to say and it isn't that day of the schedule say it anyway. It's all amazing! looking forward to meeting you on Sunday!

  15. Susan, I come here because I feel I know you. Your nature comes through so clearly in the thoughts, feelings and interests you share with us. I will be happy with any approach you adopt because it will still be you behind it.
    Personally, I don't think I could ever stick to a schedule of topics on my own blog because I just go with what I feel that day. You could try the scheduled topics and see how it works for you. Either way, I will be here to read and to comment on occasion.

  16. Hi Susan: I read your blog daily and will continue to do so whatever changes, etc, you wish to make. I, too, love your insight and honesty, kindness and humour. However you decide to proceed is fine with me - recipes sound good!

  17. hello, susan. i come here mostly for the photos -- the marvelous pops of color, the sun streaming thru the flowers, the clouds over the bay. next would be les gang of animals. love seeing all the poses oliver obliges you so frequently. third would be your wonderful artwork -- again all the bright pops of color that just make my day. don't think for a minute that i would be happy if you only showed photos, though! lol i love reading your thoughts and pondering right along with you. it's all so down to earth and heart to heart. back when i was blogging every day i found it hard to plan ahead on what i was going to blog about. i liked having inspiration strike and then just sitting down and letting it all flow out of my fingers into the great world beyond. i think you will most likely have better luck with a schedule than i did. i'm looking forward to seeing what transpires! ((hugs)) to all of you. bella and zoe send wet puppy kisses.


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