crazy lady(s)

Saturday, September 22, 2012

detail from - Bold Floral - 11 x 14 giclee print on 400 gms textured water colour paper - Susan Black

Of course I'm crazy, 
but that doesn't mean I'm wrong
Robert Anton Wilson 

I have a friend here in the village, her name will remain a secret, and she is my Hey Crazy Lady twin. We tease each other that we were separated at birth only to be happily & luckily reunited in mid-life, now when we're both at the height of our Animal Care & Protection MilitantNess ;-)

Hey You ... have you spayed & neutered your pet ? 

Helloooo ! I think your desperately barking dog might like to come in. 

We run into each other often when we're both out for our early morning walk. We rush toward each other, we rant, we rave in hushed voices, we laugh, we scheme, we vent, we fantasize if only we could be Co-Queens of our World, we tease ... we agree, we know, we are crazy ladies. We have an agreement that we can call each other on the crazy lady hotline anytime, night or day, if we need to chat or vent or strategize about each other's current local troubling animal issue. I call her weekly. I love her, I need her ... she is my most favourite crazy lady.

There has been little to no barking this week after following up persistently with the proper channels.
Hooray !


  1. I keep praying that that poor, unfortunate dog is really alright! People who don't know how to properly care for dogs cannot be trusted.

  2. Hey Vicki H. Our prayers do seem to be answered, fingers crossed - YOU ! are my other favourite Crazy Lady much love xo S + Gang

  3. Well done! Crazy doesn't mean you can't get great things done, and done well. Congratulations to the crazy ladies of Pugwash. Keep up the good work.

  4. You two are the best kind of Crazy Ladies. I like to think I am one, too. I have four spay/neutered kitties in my house, and a little colony of around a dozen outside that I care for.

  5. Judy you are most definitely also a Crazy Lady in fact I think that there are quite a few Crazy Ladies who visit here (& a few Crazy Men).

    Happy Hawaii to you - my wish for you is that you live there full time soon. It's where you were meant to be xo S + Gang


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