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Sunday, January 26, 2014

Januray/09/2014 - afternoon sun through icy branches / Winnie & Sam / in the backyard / looking out into the Northumberland Straight - ice as far as the eye can see / snow buddies Winn & Sam / on the away to Inn the Elms for lunch with Mary P / ice laden spruce boughs / 29 Black Street bathed in sunshine / ice, ice baby / deep snow on the little birdhouse / back yard trails / Mr. Samuel Leon Berger ;-) 

no more trying to constantly fix, prevent and/or control - this is the year of having faith & learning to surrender

Surrender is the ultimate sign of strength and the foundation for a spiritual life. Surrendering affirms that we are no longer willing to live in pain. It expresses a deep desire to transcend our struggles and transform our negative emotions. It commands a life beyond our egos, beyond that part of ourselves that is continually reminding us that we are separate, different and alone. Surrendering allows us to return to our true nature and move effortlessly through the cosmic dance called life. It's a powerful statement that proclaims the perfect order of the universe. 

When you surrender your will, you are saying, "Even though things are not exactly how I'd like them to be, I will face my reality. I will look it directly in the eye and allow it to be here." Surrender and serenity are synonymous; you can't experience one without the other. So if it's serenity you're searching for, it's close by. All you have to do is resign as General Manager of the Universe. Choose to trust that there is a greater plan for you and that if you surrender, it will be unfolded in time. 

Surrender is a gift that you can give yourself. It's an act of faith. It's saying that even 
though I can't see where the river is flowing, I trust it will take me in the right direction. 

Debbie Ford

We're back from the vet and Miss D had an excellent senior dog check-up. Dianne suggested that Winnie's symptoms (back legs giving out & weak hind end) are most likely caused by her poor old arthritic legs (over the years she's torn both back cruciate knee ligaments) combined with a particularly terrible and hard winter - tres icy everywhere & bitter, bitter cold. Mama'a been catastrophizing yet again … oops guilty. But such a relief to get the opinion of a vet that I trust completely & love dearly. Miss Dee also had her much too long black toe nails trimmed to help her walk a little better on that darn ice - which is everywhere.

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