adventures with Samuel part 1

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Sam & I have been having some romps, rolls, sniffs, explorations & adventures on and near our much loved crescent beach

Miss Winnie D is doing very well (& hooray for that) but she can't go on long walks anymore. She and I go down into the park each morning for a stroll and much nasal investigations and we all (Betty*, Sam, Winnie & me) hang out in the back fenced in yard in the afternoons at tea time. Young Samuel and I, actually his age is unknown but we like to call him young Samuel, have been sneaking off for long walks at low tide - sigh ;-) love him !!

* Itty Bitty Betty has a huge crush on Winnie Dixon ... 


  1. Samuel looks joy-filled on his beach walk.
    Glad Winnie is doing well.

  2. thanks BH & much love to you & yours
    xoxoxo Susan + gang

  3. Beautiful photos, especially those where Samuel looks as if he is smiling.
    So pleased that Winnie is doing well and enjoying her strolls in the park and hanging out with you, Samuel and Betty.
    That is so sweet that Itty Bitty Betty has a crush on Winnie, she must love her company and gentle nature.
    Love to all dear Susan.
    xoxoxo ♡

  4. I'm glad to read Winnie is doing well and Samuel sneaks in a long walk with you now and then. Jealous, though, about your shell stash!

  5. xoxo Dianne & John,

    Yes it is sweet that IBB (Itty Bitty) is such a dog cat - she likes Sam too but she's crazy about Miss D & John yes I love also these petite shell dumps - spots along the shore where for some reason, the tides, a hollow in the sand become like little dumping grounds for hundreds & hundreds of shells. I'm especially fond of the bright orange yellow periwinkles which are about the size of a pea. Happy Sunday to all.


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