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Thursday, May 29, 2014

some older photos, some very recent - cats, cats, cats the cats of 29 Black St. with lots of Miss Personality - Missy IBB*

Creativity is intelligence having fun
Albert Einstein

Thursday's have been unofficially deemed Creative Days - new rule ritual No. 27 in my constantly evolving attempts to create more space, more time & way more creativity into my days. The kind of creativity that is completely self-directed, as intuitive as I can possibly muster, just mess in' around- the kind of creativity that should feel nothing but liberating but most often feels anxiety inducing.

I know for a fact that the most interesting work that I've created over the last 4 years is also the work that got me noticed in this busy chock-full-of-amazing-illustrators/artists world and is work I created with hardly a plan - at the most a really loose sketchy line drawing on tracing paper. Since "planning" is my other middle name, my security blanket & my comfort zone - this idea of diving in, especially when you haven't been diving in this particular pool for ages, is ... uncomfortable, scary, yadayada.

This morning already, after my chores ;-), I've been cutting 16 x 20 surfaces to work on from my ever growing stash of adored kraft cardboard. I plan to create several new calendars this year (sorry no more owls) but would love requests and/or suggestions. My initial planning is for 2 smaller size 6 x 9 wall calendars 1). cats - much like my popular lil' owl calendars 2). typographic (collage quotes/words) & and at least 1 large size calendar, a 12 x 18 Botanica - I will create (at least) 12 new large size botanical collage/mixed media pieces - always inspired by my adoration of the Cavallini wall calendar.

First up ... 16 x 20 begonias + red sunflowers - oh boy !! here we go ;-)
I actually put an apron on ... look out, 'cause things are about to get messy

*Missy IBB - the adorable, very popular Itty Bitty Betty


  1. I think cat themed and botanica calendars would be wonderful...I like the sound of begonias+red sunflowers.
    Your cat photos today are lovely, all of the cats are beautiful and my god-cat Itty Bitty Betty is looking exceptionally beautiful, yes Miss Personality, it shows and you dear Susan and Doug have given her the confidence to shine.
    Love and kisses to all! ^^
    xoxoxo ♡

  2. Yes, I am totally taken with Miss Betty! Look at how glorious her fur is! Obviously a well-loved cat. And she is really liking her home, out roaming and guarding the grounds. So pretty...

    Please give lots of warning on the calendars when they are done. I might just get to Christmas in time this year. Would love to have your calendars everywhere I go. Botanical, sayings, cats, flowers. I would love any and all of it, I'm sure. (Bright colours, coffee colours, it's all good, too!!)

  3. Cats, cats and more cats!
    I love IBB, every picture makes my heart soar - something about that gal.
    Also past recent pictures of Samson, wow the camera loves him. He is special, just the knowing look in his eyes.
    All lovely, all so pleasant to stop by every day.

  4. botanical and typographic sounds great! are you considering about a pdf format for your calendars?

    loooove your cats and a calendar would be a favorite for any cat lover!

    and taking about cats... we have a new cute member at home already ;)

    hugs to you!!


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