sunflower part 1

Friday, May 30, 2014

layer No. 5 with metallic gold details

Normally when working small (to fit my scanner) slightly less than 9 x 12 I always try to remember to scan each step as I go. A safety measure of sorts, a just in case I go too far, wished I hadn't glued something down, painted black lines, etc. And it also documents the interesting & mysterious evolution of a mixed media collage piece.

Below is a step-by-step series of photos from my blank 16 x 20 heavy kraft cardboard sheet to where I stopped last night because my cardboard had a huge big curl in it - I should be working on masonite or thin plywood but I do LOVE a good piece of otherwise recycled cardboard. The top image (sadly out of focus a bit) is a place along the way that I could have/should have maybe stopped - it's beautiful, this layer No.5 but I knew I wanted to collage on top, these first layers were always meant to be background. I knew my "plan" was red sunflower(s). Plus truthfully as much as I wish sometimes that I was more of an abstract kinda gal - I'm just not. I mean it's fun as practice & fooling around & messing around layering paint, mark making, collage & more paint - but ultimately at this point in my creative journey I want the end product to be representational and I am still working on getting the finished product to BE how I want it to be, to be that how I can see sort of clearly in my mind's eye.

Where I left off in No. 9 below is not where I want this piece to be - so it's currently being weighted down by stacks and stacks of magazines (that I just happen to have hanging around, my magazine obsession/hoarding is another story for another time). I'll work on this red sunflower piece more once it's flattened again. I must  also mention that this piece "red sunflower" is a collaborative piece I'm working on with my studio mate and Creative Director Oliver :-) he of course is an integral part of every finished product.

stages 1-8 + most excellent collaborative art partner Oliver - you can see the bend in my surface in No.9


  1. I love the gold effects on this darker background dear Susan, you know, I love it just as it is...the feeling it evokes is that of Indian art.
    love and hugs
    xoxoxo ♡

  2. What an interesting piece and style you have here. I like!

  3. Wow! I LOVE it!! Especially the dark background.... Am curious as to why you picked red for the sunflower. It really pops up there in the corner. Something about blooming and colour and reaching for the sky after a long winter that flowers have to teach us. Love seeing the step-by-step, too. The collage is so pretty. Wish I had the courage to start. Keep posting about your work and maybe I will. ;-)


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