Thursday, November 6, 2014

miss winnie dixon this week at our big rock a stop along our morning walk

she listens to my woes
she laughs at all my jokes
she sits patiently and waits while I stop to investigate something
a shell, a worn piece of beach glass an insect or a piece of bone
when I stop to take photographs she sits quietly just looking around
she's looking for muskrats, groundhogs or cats that don't belong to her
she is a terrier girl with a bit of sight hound thrown in
she's on a leash often because of this - if she spied a small moving mammal
she'd be off, gone like a shot and there would be no calling her back
and I couldn't bare to lose her - so I keep her close by me
she's 10, she'll be 11 in January - how can that be - it seems like only yesterday
she came to live with us when she was 1, from the shelter
she loved Jake & Em instantly, they became her pack - she fit right in
it seems to me like she's always been here
I can't remember what my life might have been like without her
we've said some big goodbyes, she and I and we've lived through big sadness
she loves to keep me company in the car when I do errands
again she sits patiently waiting, keeping the car safe and keeping my seat warm
she sleeps in a bed under my desk while I work
and she lays curled at my feet on my bed while I sleep
she loves to just sit on the grassy hill overlooking the harbour
each evening we both stare up at the clouds racing across a blue sky
above the glistening water
I lie down and she lies down beside me and I hold her paw in my hand
and we just lie there, the breeze blowing over us and nothing
in the world seems to matter
I put my face in her fur and I breathe in and I try to burn these memories in
how she smells, the funny little groaning noises she makes if I scratch her just so
into me - I try to burn her into my heart so I'll always have her ... with me
and I tell her how much I love her over and over again

and I wish we could stay there, like that - forever.

* a post from August 27 2009 - oh how my own blog archives have been helping me with my grief & sadness, helping me to "be with" my beautiful shaggalicious girl... my dear, sweet Winnie Darn Dixon


  1. A BEAUTIFUL SWEET post about your best girl-dog! I don't know what has caused your "grief & sadness" (the *) but I genuinely hope all is well, Susan.

  2. Happy dog!

    Kitty USA

  3. Oh those eyes! They're what Cesar Millan calls "soft eyes" indicating that a dog is completely relaxed and happy. She was as happy with you as you were with her... You two were a match made in heaven, Susan dear. Your grand photo journalism is certainly providing you with an extra bonus. All our best, Kathie, Gracie and Marco!

  4. Thinking of you Susan and I hope you feel better soon. Lovely pictures of sweet Winnie !

  5. Now that was a powerfully sweet post from the past. Clearly Winnie Dixon was meant for you, and you were meant for her.

  6. Heart achingly beautiful. Thank you

  7. Love to you both today. You down here and her up there. Alison

  8. Gorgeous photos of sweet Winnie, I believe she is smiling, such a lovely face and so many beautiful memories of your lives shared together dear Susan.
    Much love, Dianne
    xoxoxo ♡

  9. Such a sweet and happy face and what a wonderful companion she was!!

  10. simply beautiful ..... forever. Tail wags ~moose

  11. It's good that you have such a comprehensive photo archive of Winnie - it's a comfort, even if painful, to look back. I have so many pictures of my beloved ginger Kevin, and they all bring him back to me in some indefinable, comforting way.

  12. It's so quiet on the 29blackstreet blog :( just want to let you know that I'm thinking of you.. hope you are ok.. Wish you all the best and strenght.Take care X Winny Vettorato from Holland

  13. Susan, Alex told me about your loss of Winnie and I am so sorry. We did think of you often, tossing prayers and good will your way. Alex almost cried herself for you. I know, Miss Dee was a lovely being and partner in your life and yes, you have all these pics to remember and cherish her by. that is so good.


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