Friday, July 20, 2007

Raining again this morning, hard enough that we wouldn't go walking just yet. Thought I'd see what an illustration looks like posted - my ultimate blogging goal to include a lot more illustration (not just photography). Have been finding SO many interesting sights and blogs in my tooling around...mostly found through the links bar on someone's blog. I did manage this morning to figure out how to change my blog name to 29 Black Street, next goal is to learn how to link to things in my text. A word/words in another colour that you click and link to another site that I'm referring to in my text. Also am looking rd to creating more complex layouts in my daily posts - more images, spot illustrations and the like.

Another day spent painting my Florence tabletop collection illustrations (yesterday set of three nesting bowls, and the large canister. Today tidbit tray set, large rectangular platter with handles and all above final art PDF's sent)- a project that I've been working on since November 06 and that I am quite sick of and have lost all objectivity around. Cannot wait until all the pieces are completed and I can really begin to concentrate on designing new collections. Goal next Friday July 27th!

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