Sunday, July 29, 2007

12:45 am and just finished putting the first of two coats of shiny black (although it looks really like very dark brown-which is even better) enamel paint on guest room floor, small side table and little bookcase - now onto porch for futon frame painting. Thankfully it occurred to me while painting, you know how your mind wonders while you're painting and half listening to CBC radio ... that, I only need to paint the parts of the futon frame that show. Phew! that's going to save a lot of time. Hot, hot, hot & steamy humid again today - although it's overcast, so no burning rays of sunshine as of yet. Paint will take a long time to dry/cure in this humid weather. It will be SO great to have 1 room in my house how (or really close to how) I want it to be...that is what is pushing me forward.

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