why my life is perfect

Thursday, July 19, 2007

At the risk of my new blog becoming a bit of a cute-fest (kittens in laundry baskets) thought I would aim for some content (musings) this morning. 5:18 am, sitting at my desk in my second floor office, both windows wide open and it is pouring. Love the sound of rain. I do spend quite a bit of time thinking about my near perfect life. I think honestly that financial worries and concerns are the only thing that seems to fetch me up these days - that's probably partly an age thing. I worry a lot about money and my lack of it.

I try to remind myself daily about all that things that are perfect in my life.

I live in a house that I love. As much as I grumble and feel overwhelmed by it at times - I can't think of a more perfect place for me to live - 29 Black Street was meant to be. The same goes for my gigantic yard/garden. A double lot, one house up from Eaton Park and the harbour - my back yard a quiet secluded little forest in the middle of this village.

I walk on the beach twice a day - I spend probably 2 hours every day at the beach except in the dead of winter when we (Jake, Winnie & I) go to the golf course.

I experience nature each day - which is very important to me. Sometimes we see foxes or deer in the morning, I have lots of different birds in my back yard and lately I've been fascinated by the many Blue Dauber wasps I see- a large, long & thin, pinched waist, iredescent black/blue wasp. Very beautiful. Not at all aggressive, solitary and apparently spider hunters.

I work for myself from home - as a (at this time struggling a bit) designer. However I love what I do, I never think of vacation because it feels like I'm always on vacation and I never think of the term retirement (anymore).

I have great health, plenty of food and lots of love & comfort from my family of 6 wonderful pets.

I have a few very good friends that are like family to me - near & dear and have been around a long time.

I do enjoy being very independent & self reliant.

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