Sunday, July 22, 2007 old (I think 17 in September), crotchety & demanding cat. She is also very brave, fearless really and very affectionate and gentle. Unfortunately she doesn't really meow - she squawks and unless she's sleeping she's squawking...all the time... and it is annoying to say the least. She's been squawking since Dean & I adopted her from the Toronto Humane Society many years ago (she was not a kitten but less than a year old when we brought her home). We nicknamed her way back then "squawkamole". She's amazingly healthy for 16 - a little arthritic I think for when she walks it looks like her front legs are moving faster than her back legs. She is very loyal & devoted to me and enjoys nothing more than to be in my lap receiving lots of loving and most nights she sleeps high a top a pile of pillows on my bed - she is the Queen Bee (top dog & top cat).

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