a shift in my perspective

Monday, August 5, 2013

14 weekend photo riffs on the same small bouquet of orangey apricot miniature roses* - O is for obsessive ;-)

you must do the thing you think you cannot do
Eleanor Roosevelt

Every single day there are at least a half dozen tests of my will, some tests are much harder than others. My fear tests, my anxiety tests. My oh no something really bad is, might, maybe, could ... happen here, right now in this very dangerous situation. I can see potential danger in the same obsessive way I see flowers - it's like I have xray fear vision. Now when these tests arrive, when these feeling of extreme upset-ness, heart pounding, breathless fear come a callin' I'm remembering to try to approach them differently. To greet them with love ... 'cause love cancels fear dontcha know. Uh Huh ! believe me it's not easy ... sometimes it takes me hours to feel a kind of normal calmness again. But the thing is I always do feel calm again. I'm really beginning to count on that fact - I know I will feel like myself again and that I can actually speed up that process with tools I've been learning and practicing. Intentional repetitive deep breathing (omg it feels so good), acknowledging the fear (anger, upset, indignation, sadness etc..), forgiving myself and the thought, then choosing to try and see things differently by a subtle shifting of my perspective. I do it all the time with my photography ...

well bonjour ! shift in my perspective ah ha moment ... welcome.

MLou just sent this link how to become good at discomfort - exactly what I'm aiming for ! merci

heaven on earth is a choice you must make,
not a place you must find
Wayne Dyer

* remember the potted miniature rose plant that we picked up at Wallmart for 6. or 8. dollars. Well it's absolutely thriving outside and after doing some googling research I've discovered that they are hardy in my zone, actually hardier than many varieties of roses so I plan to extend my existing rose bed to make room for this orange beauty.


  1. Oh my that rose is stunning. You have such a wonderful "eye" for photography.

  2. The rose is stunning from every angle dear Susan, your photography is wonderful, that is not obsessive.
    xoxoxo ♡

  3. The orange on pink is Oh-la-la greatness.

  4. Beautiful roses! Those little minature roses are tough. I bought some and set them in a flower pot and never got around to planting them. They took root in the flower pot in the little containers they came in. They have bloomed profusely every summer for the past 3 years. Considered repotting them, but I think I will just let them be for now.

  5. That may have been the best $8 you ever spent, when you consider the cost per bloom.

    I like you metaphor of shifting perspective, the way a photographer would. You've certainly mastered photography.


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