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Saturday, August 10, 2013

queen anne's lace / magenta beauty - can never remember this shrub's name ? / Winnie, Sam & Betty hangin' with me / again not sure what this is / our lovely, private park like back fenced in yard / hydrangea / queen anne's lace / Sam / more queen anne's so pretty & grows everywhere

Remember this recent post where I mentioned one of things I love about this time of year is the amazing variety of greens. Wow ! I am so lovin' the green.

I've been really trying to pry myself away from the TTD* as many days as possible late in the afternoon to go outside into our peaceful & private back yard with a glass of ice tea and do some much needed chillin' with the gang or at least with the one's who are allowed outside. Oliver & Virg are inside cats and have been their entire lives (7 years). Bleet who's nearly 15 is allowed outside but thankfully stays very close to the house and never leaves our property. We're working on Betty, trying to convince her that it's pretty cozy inside, at this point she's having none of it, we're hoping however that as winter arrives she'll feel differently ; -)

I am a big proponent of inside cats, mostly because I am an extremely neurotic worrier conscientious pet lover, having them live rich, full lives, safe & sound inside gives me so much less to worry about -  safe away from the many speeding cars, from the cat hating neighbours (ya huh ! so sad but true) and/or being chased & harassed by unruly off-leash dogs . I love my animals and their utmost safety is always job 1.

ttd* teak topped desk


  1. I do hope you can convince Ms. Betty to be an inside cat. 22 years ago I moved to where I am now. I had been renting a house from my mother next door to her on the farm for a few years and had become very attached to this cat. She had lived her life outside and had become quite tame with me. When I moved I took her to the vet for shots, spaying, and a bath. I had three inside cats and wanted to add her to the clan. I had been trying to tame her since she was kitten. After being inside for a few days she wanted out so bad I let her out. For a few days she would wonder around and come back in when I called her. After that she was she was gone. I put posters and ads everywhere and knew she had found her fate. About a month later my mother called and said Little Bit was at her house! So, I went and got her. Took her to vets for a check and a bath and brought her inside again. Of course, she would have none of it and I let her out again and she was gone again. Two weeks later she was at my mother’s house! My mother called me and said “Little Bit is back and if she wants to stay here this bad she can stay!” My mother lived 3 miles away and the house I lived in there was just down from my mom’s. Little Bit roamed the farm and it was her home and she was determined to stay there. She eventually got run over by car which broke my heart, but I will never forget her determination to get back to “her” home and what she knew. She was a gray tabby cat like yours. She was beautiful with her own personality. So, work on Ms Betty as best you can because cats can be very hard headed and really don’t know what’s good for them! Hope I didn’t get too long winded!!!

  2. Not long winded at all Galestorm. All our cats are boys and I do find male cats are generally easier going, more laid back, flexible even ... Miss Betty has a mind of her own, is very independent, practically fearless, and way too hard headed ;-) We do try to bring her inside daily for short visits (10-15 minutes or so) both to get her used to "the boys" & they to her and to get her used to being inside (+ all the love & comfort available there). I am determined that one day soon she will become an inside cat. xo Susan & cats

  3. Beautiful images of green, flowers and pets dear Susan, I love image number 3.
    Perhaps when the cooler weather arrives Betty might be more agreeable to stay indoors.
    My three cats live indoors, they have for their entire lives.
    My house is spotless and my cats are litter trained. There are plenty of spots in my house where they can access fresh air, sunshine, warmth and exercise. I have many native birds and small reptiles in my garden which I want to protect. I am a caring responsible cat owner and feel that my cats are much safer inside, not getting into fights with other cats who have not been spayed and unleashed dogs.There are also foxes, feral cats, snakes, speeding cars and yes, sadly, some neighbours who hate cats.
    xoxoxo ♡

  4. The green is so rich and lush. Love it.


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