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Thursday, August 1, 2013

a bounty of riches from the library today - 2 audio books, a pile of books and the movie Lincoln - Oh Boy !

Thursday is book delivery day at our little village library I am able to place holds (up to 50) on any book, audio book and/or movie in our county sytem and I can place a hold on any book I find in all of Nova Scotia's libraries - Shut Up ! I'm currently so hooked on Gabrielle Bernstein's message & am gobbling up everything by her (lots on youtube also here's one to start with), The Complete Idiots Guide - Selling Your Crafts on Etsy (I'm planning an Etsy shop revamp in September so hopefully this will be helpful), Gail Godwin's - Flora and the story of Jonestown  - A Thousand Lives (a horror story that has always fascinated me). A few new novels, The Domino decorating book I've borrowed before it's excellent and The Perfectly Imperfect Home is beautifully illustrated by Canadian Virginia Johnson her watercolours are stunning. Now there's no way I'll get through all these books but boy it sure is fun to pile them bedside and decide which one's I will read. + 2 audio books to keep me glued to the teak topped desk Edward Rutherford's 30 CD Paris & another historic tale Erik Larson's Thunderstruck.


  1. WOW... 50 holds!! Love it + Virginia has fun work, did not know about the book, thanks. Tail wags ~moose

  2. It sure is a bounty of reading pleasure, great photos. It is also great to see your smiling face up there in the sidebar dear Susan.
    xoxoxo ♡

  3. woof to you & tail wags too Moose ! & Mama Denise & thank you Sweet Dianne for all your many loving comments xo S + Gang

  4. i'd be interested to know what you think of the movie lincoln. i won't share my thoughts until you've seen it.

  5. Oh, I have been a fellow Library Junkie since my early teens, and I have begat a second-generation Library Junkie of my very own. A curious species.

    So much color in your home.

  6. Hi Julie we're watching Lincoln on the weekend so I'll give you my report. Doug is both a former US citizen and a history professor, as I know next to nothing about US history or Lincoln I'm looking forward to watching with someone who knows much more about Lincoln and his life. He suffered from depression and his wife also perhaps was bi-polar.

    Hi John passing on Libary Junkie genes is a very good thing. I am continually shocked (& appalled ;-) at the people I know who never ever use the library ?!?

    I am currently reading Erik Larson's - Devil in the White City - it's very interesting and well written

  7. Love that photo Susan. You put me to shame with your volume of reading. I watch too much TV.

  8. Ah Rutherfurd...A favourite every time...

    Hope you are having a wonderful summer Susan.


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