cosmos & cats

Sunday, August 25, 2013

a top 10 favourite flower of mine - cosmos -  this variety Bright Lights with Gussie, Oliver & Miss D in accompanying roles

Our capacity for wholeheartedness can never be greater 
than our willingness to be broken hearted. 
Brené Brown

I started these cheery orange & yellow cosmos from seed inside & finally planted pathetic, spindly, barely alive little seedlings in a sunny new bed filled with rich home grown compost surrounding a baby poplar tree (another favourite) that I also planted myself. These Bright Lights cosmos plants are now as tall as I am and covered in blooms so thick that you can  barely see my sweet poplar tree (which is also thriving). Poplar's are super fast growing and this little guy, planted 2 years ago as a 12" twig next year will be taller than me 5ft 4" ;-)

Blame is simply the discharging of pain & discomfort
Brené Brown

2 more greats thoughts from Brené Brown + a fantastic Fleetwood Mac cover by Lissie - happy Sunday


  1. Wow Susan, I wish I had your green thumb... those flowers are gorgeous. I love the photo with Oliver close up with the flowers, and I love the photo with Oliver and Miss D. It seems Miss D is looking right at you. Just lovely!

  2. Yeah for Cosmos way into Autumn. Loving the colors they go so well with the room! We grow just white ones here on Oak Street. Tail wags

  3. Hey Judy & Moose - I'd love to have a huge just cosmos garden with all 20+ varieties - maybe next year ;-)

    did you know that there's a chocolate cosmos that actually smells like chocolate ;-)

    happy sunday ! xoxo S + Gang

  4. Noted, will plant next year. It amazes me how some plants are so determined to thrive. The bright cosmos look like lights against those chocolate brown walls.

  5. What a delightful and colourful post to see on this rather ordinary Monday morning for me.
    I love the flowers, the yellows are just gorgeous and it is always a great feeling of happiness to visit here and see your flowers and lovely pets.
    I always leave feeling happier dear Susan.
    xoxoxo ♡

  6. Beautiful photos Susan!


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