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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Black & White Vase No. 1 - mixed media on birch canvas panel - Susan Black - 8x10 giclee prints available here

Miss D continues to be tres spry & much improved, clicking down the stairs with ease and most often by herself + we've been walking much farther on our strolls each morning. We begin her daily dose of Metacam today - a strong non-steroid anti-inflammatory drug (for inflammation & arthritic pain). My girl over the years has torn both knee ligaments (years apart) and didn't have surgery either time - my vet's decision as the surgery really at best has a 50/50 success rate + Winnie D, the vet felt, would be too traumatized by the whole affair (which she would). So it's not much wonder her much older, prey chasin' little shaggalicious legs, are causing her the occasional difficulty. We will try the Metacam for 2 weeks to see if it makes a difference (apparently sometimes it doesn't).

& I have a new cheapo Staedtler mechanical pencil which is thrilling me way more than a pencil should ;-)


  1. Good luck with WD meds, I hope they help. It is good to hear she already was rebounding so maybe now she will be bouncing on her walks after the meds.
    I love, love, love mechanical pencils, only thing I use unless pen really required. The one you indicate is now on my list of wish to have.
    Oh, and when I opened your post this morning - first word was POW. The print is wonderful. Love the orange throughout the top part and the pink in the bottom. The print is very calming.
    Take care, Kitty USA

  2. thank you sweet Kitty ! I'm hoping to do an entire series of black & white vase/floral collages

    I picked up my pencil at Staples office supply store (wish I'd ordered 4 or 5) Staedtler is my go to co. for all my pens & pencils. After I have my pencil sketch where I want it - I redraw using Staedtler black ink drawing pens & then erase the pencil with a Staedtler kneaded eraser ;-)

  3. I am pleased to read that Winnie is improving and that those precious legs are working again...I hope the meds will be successful in keeping her mobile and free from pain.
    Your print is lovely dear Susan, I love the colours with the black and white vase.
    I love pencils, they are tactile and the colours are beautiful, also I love the smell of the cedar, it takes me back to the pencils we used in primary school.
    love and hugs
    xoxoxo ♡

  4. Wow! This is gorgeous! I, too, am loving the orange and the gorgeous modern lines. Looking forward to your next one.

    And so glad to hear that Winnie is managing the stairs on her own and going for longer walks. Her spirit transcends your photos and reaches all of us out here in blog land. Thank you for sharing your stories and walks with us!

  5. Love that you're so damn excited about a pencil. :-)

  6. Hey... and that pencil comes in different colours too!! How exciting :-) Enjoy and love the new print.
    Tail wags ~moosse

  7. Just amazing, beautiful! How wonderful to hear Winnie is improving!Does my heart good to hear!


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