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Friday, September 13, 2013

Miss D on the boardwalk / herself, Madam Betty extraordinary street cat / fading mini pink roses / the harbour / shaggalicious legs + puddle / ahhh geranium / starlings flocking / coreopsis maybe / raven / a sure sign falls near / great blue heron / mini tomato harvest / oh my sweet girl Miss Winnie Dixon

Sorrow prepares you for joy. It violently sweeps everything out of your house, so that new joy can find space to enter. It shakes the yellow leaves from the bough of your heart, so that fresh, green leaves can 
grow in their place. It pulls up the rotten roots, so that new roots hidden beneath have room to grow. 


I love Rumi ! so many wise words ... words to inspire, comfort & sometimes cling to

Hello, hello ! I am still here, plugging away at project after project, one lovely big creative job melding into the next with a big extra special hum dinger beginning (officially) on Monday.

Winnie's had a slower few weeks, a very hard time going down the stairs and still getting used to the idea of my assisting her with that activity. Her appetite is good, our walks, our strolls are brief, slow and meditative. She stops often pausing to sniff the morning the air, looking off into the distance and I swear she's thinking, like I am, of our wonderful adventures & life together. She & I, oh my the places we've been - to beaches & meadows, forests and the wonderful golf course in winter - crab tolling, fox chasing, muskrat hunting (her fav), an attempted tangle with a seal at low tide & far too many near porcupine misses. Oh my Miss D you are a terrier mix girl, you loved the hunt, the chase and sadly occasionally also the kill (muskrats - boom, a grab, a shake they didn't know what hit them). Everyday, often twice a day, off we'd all go, my glorious 3 dog life, jammed into a little blue Mazda 323 my very first car ever and our adventure-mobile, two retrievers (one red - Jake & one yellow Em*), Miss D & me. When she landed here at 29 Black Street nearly 14 years ago (she'd just turned 1) she knew she'd landed in heaven that very first day & so we thought so too ;-)

* plus the story of how Miss D came to live with us


  1. Much love to Winnie (and to you, Susan)

  2. ahhhhh.... our dogs over our lives are truly special. Moose's walking paths are now in the US National News! We usually don't have any raindrops in September ... we have had about 10" so far :-( We are tucked into our little Old Town home. Moose is not a swimmer!!! Tail wags for your day to all.

  3. Beaming good vibes to your family, two- and four-legged, and extra strong good vibes for Winnie and you.

  4. dogs are much, much more intuitive than many non-dog owners think. somehow dogs just know. i see that wisdom in winnie's face in each picture you post. she knows she has spent her life in "the" place she was meant to be. she knows she has been loved and has loved to the very best of everyone's ability. she knows.

    when presley (oh sweet, handsome dog love of my life) started to ail my vet put him on an oral ibupropen-type med that made a huge difference in his ability to go up/down steps and be as independent as he could be. i felt like it was a god-send for both of us.

    ((hugs)) to you all from zoe and me.

  5. woofs, tailwags, catpaws, hugs & kisses to all from les Gang here at Black Street.

    Julie I started Monday with daily aspirin (buffered) which my vet recommended but I also have Metacam (I wonder if that's the drug dear Presley took) - I may switch to that beginning tomorrow. It's a pretty strong drug which has been my hesitation but then I think to myself - what am I hesitating about ?? thank you for mentioning this.


    I've added a few new Miss D photo posts to my sidebar favourites list - oh my goodness ! I have taken so many great photos of her tres photogenic self & I am so grateful for that record.



  6. What a wonderful time you have had together. I wonder if you've been together in past lives ?

  7. I bet we have Sybil ... and about Betty (you asked awhile back here in the comments if she was a new cat to us).

    Betty & Minnie (long haired super sweet black female) are two neighbourhood cats that technically have homes but not great homes - we've had both of them spayed and have kind of half adopted them, we feed them (& a few other abandoned & feral cats) at the 29 Black Street cat drive in kitchen windowsill diner. We keep trying to get Betty to come live inside but she's quite bossy (as often female's are - cats, female cats are ;-) & she's having none of it. We're hoping winter will seal the deal because we would prefer she had ideally a mostly inside cat life.

  8. Lovely words from Rumi and beautiful photos all of them, especially Miss Winne, Lil Miss Betty and those fading pink roses are so lovely.
    It is always good to read your words dear Susan, much love to you, Miss Winnie and all of Les Gang.
    xoxoxo ♡

  9. I have only had neutered male cats in the past and found them accommodating to other cats in the household, so your comment about female cats often being bossy was interesting to read, as we have adopted my daughter's cat and, lovely as she is, the little miss is quite unforgiving with other cats- particularly the dear little neglected one next door which I feed when I can, and make a fuss of. I thought we may be able to take it on if these neighbours shifted,or no longer wanted it, but madame would make that impossible I'm afraid.
    I love your photos Susan.

  10. What a sweet, happy, sad, loving post - Blessings on you and Winnie and all of your family.


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