stage fright

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

little bouquet of rather sad but cheery zinnias with my dude-ilious guy Oliver

Stage Fright : subtitled C words

I have the first (of hopefully many) new BIG fantastic project presentation conference calls, with accompanying pdf created, pinterest inspiration boards presented ... thingy tomorrow morning & I have let myself get completely stressed out about it. The two Susan's are battling royale in my head - the bad Susan trying with all her might to convince me that this will be the time, the one where I completely embarrass myself & prove to the world and this new potentially fantastic customer (& project)* that YES it's true - I am indeed a creative fraud. The other Susan (while listening to BrenĂ© Brown shame & vulnerability TED talks on repeat) spends the day (night & middle of the night) telling the first Susan to SHUT the (bad words we don't like to say publicly) UP !!! and reminds me constantly that I am competent, creative, clever, courageous, capable and ... cookin' with gas.

I think it's why I've it's been so quiet here at the Black Street blog, sorry about that ... here's a gorgeous song for you !


  1. I have always loved zinnias. Mine are looking mighty scraggly, but the butterflies and hummingbirds are still loving them.

    Wishing you the best on your new projects. Those little voices can be irritating at times. Just tell the negative one to shut up! LOL! Fingers crossed for you!!!

  2. You will be Fantastic .... when you are nervous just go out into the yard and cut more flowers to bring inside!!! Tail wags ~moose

  3. OK. Here's my take on your panic.
    I used to do a lot (and I mean a lot) of recruitment. Depending on the job in question, the interviewer looks for vastly different things. Personality is important, yes, but it depends on the job. Are you applying for a job where you will be doing presentations on behalf of this company? Will you be standing up on stage on their behalf? No. You will be the one at her desk, quietly producing beautiful things. You will be judged on your work Susan, and that is beautiful. You are not going to be expected to be something that you are not. As far as a profit-making company is concerned you could be a chain-smoking 95-year-old toothless crone with one leg who lives in a tent - as long as you can reliably do the job. That is what they are looking for. Someone whose talent can make them money.
    Also, any interviewer worth their name will know that candidates get nervous. They expect it. They allow for it.
    Good Luck - but you will be FINE!!!!!

  4. many thanks - all of you !

    I do know I will be fine I think that's what makes all that stupid negative chatter so annoying. I am well practiced at communication and we (this company & I ) have already had one fabulous long phone call. It's wasted thought space that ultimately takes time away from creativity - I'll keep you posted. It's in the am and tomorrow pm I'm taking part in a webinar (thanks To Moose's mother on the art & design of calendars a fun treat at the end of the day xo Susan

  5. Glad to see your post. Good vibes being sent your way for the presentation tomorrow morning.

    Your glowing creativity will WOW them!

  6. Gorgeous zinnias and Oliver.
    Don't listen to the voices of doubt in your head, don't be nervous, you are talented, capable, creative and courageous dear Susan.
    Wishing you all the best for your new projects, you will be fine.
    xoxoxo ♡


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