Thursday, September 5, 2013

found on Pinterest & sadly I don't know the original artist - but completely LOVE the sentiment

I love these words 'cause they speak the truth
in almost any circumstance
if you can muster even the most tiny shift in perspective
you really can have, do, be ... anything you want

any given moment is .. the beginning of anything you want

My conference call presentation is over & it was excellent, I knew in that deep dark corner of my heart that of course it would be. I am (in that area of my life anyway) fairly confident, but it's the bar pushing part that sometimes undoes me - how far, how high can I push this bar, my bar in one fell swoop. How high can I go ? can I have my expectations of myself be both realistic and over the moon all at the same time.

It is a very big deal I am being given with this particular project an opportunity to shine creatively like I've never shone before & in ways that I want to shine & to push myself - I know I can do it, and all this craziness is part of the process of pushing, of growing, expanding & developing

so serious sounding ... that last line

more music - here's a crazy one that I have always loved - the 80's ya can't beat them


  1. HI Susan,

    I just want to let you know that I am still here reading your blog and LOVING your posts. I am so inspired by you and you rjourney and I thank you for sharing so honestly about your self-discovery through art. It means the world to me as an artist who also struggles with her demons *(or ANGELS, perhaps?) ANXIETY, FEAR, etc. You have helped me in a GINOURMOUS way over the two years I have spent reading your posts and I thank you a million times for that.
    A BIG YAHOO to you for going higher. Keep pushing that bar if it feels right. You're awesome.
    XO Dalyce

  2. Glad to read your meeting went well and we will be seeing some new grand Susan Black creations soon.

    Did Oliver negotiate for a bigger office, when this comes through?

  3. Thank you dear Dalyce, so nice to hear from you again and comments like yours keep me feeling brave & mostly fearless, well the fear's still there but much lessened because I speak about those demons & angels, struggles & successes and then read comments like yours that make me feel ... awesome- so thank you so much. I'm off to check out your world now

    by the way your script typography is amazing !

    & bonjour John I am very excited about NEW creative things, I'm ready for some brand new & oh yes Oliver's alway's trying to negotiate something ... a better office dress code (little dandyish), bigger office, a 4 day work week, more cat play time/breaks .... he's in his pillow topped window sill office as I type this watching the sunset shimmer on the harbour (best cat ever and he knows it ;-) xo les Gang

  4. Is Oliver crazy??!!! Go for the 2 day work week and nothing more :-) Mom has to watch the Calendar class next week since we here:
    We knew your meeting would certainly go the way you wanted it to! WOOF

  5. So happy that your conference call meeting went well dear Susan.
    xoxoxo ♡

  6. Congratulations! Of COURSE it went well!! xx


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