courage, my love

Monday, October 28, 2013

rooting (hopefully) virginia creeper cuttings / and the sky & sea are one / la silhouette de le BleetNess / Samuel in his backyard / gorgeous red berries of the poisonous Deadly Nightshade / little Betty street cat (for now anyway) / from the crescent beach / Tweet another for now street cat / lavender asters / he (Oliver) works so hard / Miss Winnie D by my big swath of cosmos bright lights / fall colour / Miss Betty / more explorations on the crescent beach / Tweet / cosmos bright lights seed head / the dude inspecting the creeper cuttings ;-)

I am never more courageous than when I am 
embracing imperfection, embracing vulnerabilities, 
and setting boundaries with the people in my life.
Brené Brown

I have this one memorized, written on a post note (neon pink of course) and stuck to my big beautiful imac + I would  seriously consider getting it turned into a tattoo in some beautiful script font maybe on the inside of my left arm. Embracing things you formerly considered flaws is not easy, setting boundaries with the people in your life - even harder.
But ultimately it feels right, it feels good. It feels strong ... it feels like me.

Courage is my friend and I am becoming braver all the time.

the quote is from Brené Brown's fabulous book The Gifts of Imperfection


  1. You are brave dear Susan, I can feel it every time I visit here!
    I love all of these photographs, they are all beautiful and amazing.
    hugs and kisses
    xoxoxo ♡

  2. thank you so much Dianne for all of your incredible love & support, friends like you, even though very far away, help me so much on my journey to be brave, courageous & to be my authentic self - comfortably. Much love to you & yours xoxoxo Susan & les Gang (of 6 now)

  3. Terrific photos.

    I have Virginia creeper all around my property, I grow it just for its Fall color. I hope the rooting works for you.

  4. We love it especially because it completely covers our green chain link dog yard fence in spring, summer & fall - & the colour is breathtakingly spectacular + it softens that harsh chain link, hence the cuttings trying to get the other wall of chain link coveredas well - it's private but not so private that the dogs can't see out. xo S + gang

  5. Get that tattoo. I double-dare ya ! ;-)

  6. Loving the street photo...Betty should have the middle name Spot-- too! Ouch... on the tattoo, go for it.
    Tail wags ~moose


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