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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Oliver (Creative Director at Susan Black Design) dans la messy desktop - fav nyc blog sweet fine day on my imac desktop / autumn awe / still harbour / Virgil on his nubbly orange blanky / we ♡ seed heads / pink petunias & red impatience / seed head silhouette / Missy D & Tweet on the boardwalk at sunrise / itty bitty Betty and her big personality / Oliver and my current Carolyn Gavin ecojot jumbo coil bound journal

I am still learning - Michelangelo

How can I say this in a forwarding way ... uh, um Oliver is ... well, let's just say he's a very paws on boss CD* here at CEQ**

* creative director  ** creative empire headquarters


  1. Early, early morning sun on Winnie...

  2. I know John ...
    xo s + gang

  3. Love those pics. A gentle day in the sun.

  4. is Oliver micro-managing the CE again!!! ha, ha, ha! he is a hoot indeed. Moose is way too laid back and lets me goof off way too much when I should have the printing presses running 24/7!!! Tail wags.

  5. Gorgeous...

    {ps. I have 7 full jumbo ecojot spirals...Every morning and night I go there...I buy a few when they go 50% off at Chapters. Two are still empty, waiting...Right now I write in "Be the Change".}

    xo to you all Susan...

  6. Note to self: Buy new camera and plant more zinnias next spring!! Love the photos!

  7. Gorgeous images dear Susan, so wonderful to be surrounded by all of that beauty and your beautiful kitties and Winnie.
    Those paws of Virgil's look so 'kissable'.
    love and hugs to all.
    xoxoxo ♡


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