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Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Missy D & some crimson autumn leaves / white feather totem / what's more beautiful then morning dew / or dandelions gone to seed / queen anne's lace seed head at the edge of the harbour / another gorgeous big old tree / window box creamy yellow petunias / Winnie Dixon on Black Street, our house is just after that flaming tree

Madam Universe has been pretty chatty with me lately & I'm likin' it. These rockin' words were found in my inbox this morning from the amazing Flora Bowley (I subscribe to her newsletter) and I know Madam U had something to do with it, she always has something good up her sleeve. I wonder how Flora & Madam knew that these are exactly the words I needed and wanted to hear at this very moment. Merci !!

there is only trusting 
& letting go
Flora Bowley

I've noticed throughout my life that my greatest breakthroughs often arrive just on the other side of my most challenging breakdowns. Author and vulnerability expert Brene Brown refers to one of her great breakdowns as a "spiritual awakening," and I get it. Often it takes something major and seemingly earth shattering to wake us up and clarify what is really important in life. In fact, it's when life seems to be falling apart, that we are often able to see the world through a different lens, sharpening some edges while softening others.

Although it's not always easy to remember in our darker moments, our ability to move through them and learn from these experiences is what allows us to celebrate the light on the other side. For this reason, it's important to honor our struggles as potent ingredients in our unfolding stories, shaping our paths as we unravel and put ourselves back together along the way.

Facing challenges in the creative process is no different than in life. When we intuitively create something from nothing, we are stepping into the unknown, and with that act of bravery often comes struggle, doubt and frustration. There is no plan, no sure thing and no easy step-by-step process. 

However, if we are able to remember that breakthroughs are often right on the other side of breakdowns, it becomes a whole lot easier to take risks, be brave and honor our meltdowns as pathways to new understandings.

From Flora Bowley's most recent newsletter 

+ another two great songs from my current magic mojo mix Bruno Mars Shut ! Up !! and Maroon 5's (Adam the Voice Levine's band's) first big hit from 2004 (I was in LA when this song was No.1 & on my way to China with Jerry Kohl & the Brighton gang so hearing it will forever remind of that Cinderella story from my early Creative Empire building days.


  1. You'll never lose your mojo girl.

  2. I love visiting here dear Susan, there is always something enlightening to read and beautiful images.
    Lovely photos of Miss Winnie,autumn leaves, pretty morning dew, dandelion seeds (make a wish), there is always a raw beauty in seed heads, these queen anne's lace are wonderful, flowers and the tree is magnificent.
    xoxoxo ♡


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