if I had an anthem

Sunday, October 13, 2013

from a solitary explorer's walk along the crescent beach at low tide & yes that crab's alive I moved him/her to this tide pool ;-)

Sometimes I need
only to stand
wherever I am 
to be blessed.

Mary Oliver

I love nature so much & it fills me up to treat these long, new to me, solitary (too far a distance for Missy Dee these days) walks meditatively as if I'm an explorer, taking care to examine as if for the first time all the intricate & simple, tiny & amazing bits in any given square yard of life - especially life on and around the crescent beach at low tide.

Also loving in no particular order - hot steaming facecloths (a perpetual favourite simple thing), a freshly made bed with flannel sheets that were hung on the line outside, homemade pea soup, TV shows the Voice (love it) as well as MasterChef Junior & Homeland (I watch/listen at my computer while I clip, paste & collage bits), the smell of cat breath, kissing Oliver (he loves to be kissed), feeling afraid but learning to be kind of OK with feeling that way, reading fiction at bedtime (current good book is The Woman Upstairs) fiction calms my mind and relaxes me perfectly and I do love a Sunday, because Sundays feel like an it's-OK-to-goof-off day or at least a not be so focused on building my creative empire work day, a day to catch up with things I love like cooking, laundry, giving my office/studio a good clean for fresh start Mondays & maybe even vacuuming (snort !)

Happy, happy Sunday !

If I had an anthem for right now it would be this amazing Alicia Keys song - WOWEE !!


  1. 3pm - I vacuumed ! Shut Up ! seriously ... let the bells rings out and the banners fly ;-)

    also did 3 loads of laundry all hung on the line to dry, walked dogs with a friend (Winnie, Sam & her dog Bella), made dog cookies, pot roast & a potato scallop, cleaned my office and am about to chat on the phone with new friend and fellow artist/illustrator who lives far, far away + it is gorgeous here today sunny & warm & perfect. I maybe will join D. watching the movie Argo tonight (borrowed from the library) as I'm on a bit of a CIA themed kick lately (?) xoxo Susan

  2. Great photos from your walk dear Susan, I love the colour yellow and thankfully there is plenty of it to see in your images.
    You have been busy today. I love the fragrance of fresh sheets from the clothesline so do my kitties.
    hugs and a happy week
    xoxoxo ♡

  3. thank you sweet Dianne I can always count on you to leave a kind, loving & supportive comment - I do so appreciate them all xoxox Susan + gang

  4. I've heard about these new-fangled vacuum devices ... I should get me one of those. ;-)


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