hearts to you !

Friday, February 14, 2014

collage gouache hearts galore in progress - a new piece for that big exciting top secret sshhhh project

I've been kinda quiet here, here on this much loved blog, the blog that I adore, the blog which was kidnapped for nearly a month by web terrorists and then miraculously returned, left on my doorstep in a basket one day - all bundled up, safe & sound, unaltered and best of all - the 6.5 years of my life, some 2100+ posts with cherished photos all still there. Phew !! You'd think I'd pay more attention to "her", my dear 29 Black Street blog but alas, well … not alas. Not alas at all - but instead hooray !! hooray hooray !! I have been really busy.

Busy that bad, indistinct, a bit pathetic sounding, badge or medal like word that we toss around when we 're feeling full.
We need a better word for ...

my creative empire building plate doth overflow 
with inspiration, goodness, productivity & success.

Things have been hopping' here at the teak topped desk at CE* headquarters. I'm in the beginning throws of another wonderful  Lilla Roger's e-course - Make Art That Sells - Assignment BootCamp, I'm designing lots of new greeting cards, that big, exciting, thrilling top secret project I have been working on since last Sept. continues to grow & expand which is freakin' fantastic - another few months and I'll be able to tell you all about it with lots o' visuals of course ;-) And I'm super excited to be taking Kelly Rae Roberts - Mixed Media Mantras e-course which starts next Monday the 24th - I cannot wait for that, I've taken courses from Kelly before and they are always rich in content + she is the queen, in my eyes, of the lushest mixed media backgrounds (la layers, collage, writing, texture, more layers - yummy).

My word for this year is Faith and oh my I am so in love with that word especially when applied to me, myself & I. To finally try and kick self doubt and self criticism to the curb as many days as possible. To have Faith that I know all that I need to know inside me, especially when it comes to my creative life. To trust in me. And to try also to trust the world outside of me a bit more. To remind myself when "badness" comes a knockin' that ...

everything always works out in the end 
so if it hasn't worked out yet … it's not the end.

I have another word for this year, well actually I have quite a few, but second in importance after keeping' the Faith are the 7 words clean-the-crap-out-of-my-life finally & forever. And that means all the crap. Cleaning out my gmail inbox, my 2 loaded (7 years worth - eek !) iMac computers, backing up, backing up, as well as cleaning out crawlspaces, closets, dresser drawers. Look out crap ! we're com in' for you. I've had a bit of recent success in this area and oh my it feels so good + the bonus, and my ultimate pay-off is the effect of tres increased efficiency & productivity in life I so need & crave.

Happy Weekend ! more photos from life at 29 Black Street soon, promise ;-)

* creative empire


  1. Wow dear Susan your 'hearts' collage is truly beautiful and good luck with your new courses and your big project.

    "everything always works out in the end
    so if it hasn't worked out yet … it's not the end." I like that quote.
    Happy Valentine's Day!

    Love and hugs, Dianne
    xoxoxo ♡

  2. Happy Valentine's Day to the whole gang ( and special kisses for Miss Betty)

  3. Happy Valentine's Day to you and your loved ones! The weather map indicates you're experiencing the same amazing snow storm that we did for the past 30 hours. It's a winter wonderland and will remain so for quite a while they say. So long as the power stays on, I'm entirely happy here looking out at the grand, old fashioned snow.


  4. xoxo to all - & Kathie we actually had a big dose of April showers (heavy rain) no snow at all and +7 temperatures, now it's getting cold again so we're dealing with ice not shovelling ;-)


    Time is flying by! It's already the middle of February!

  6. Hearts to you too Susan. Glad the Universe is unfolding as it should for you ... and I love that quote:

    everything always works out in the end so if it hasn't worked out yet … it's not the end.

  7. Happy Happy Heart day to all... we feel your pain on the ice. tail wags to you our "cuckoo" friend. ~moose

  8. Beautiful! On a completely unrelated note, I just met someone, here on my island, who is from Nova Scotia and has been to Pugwash! I love it when the world gets small like that.


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