scenes from a February

Monday, February 10, 2014

Miss Winnie Dixon / Virg, orange Mama & geranium blossom / Saam & Winn in the back fenced in yard / poached eggs for breakfast / new pink mini rose from the Atlantic Superstore & a red pot from the $ store - total cost $6.00 ;-) / Samuel aver les chats deus (Virg & Oliver) / frosty early morning grass / mini pink rose and the dude - handsome Oliver ? NessieNess pillow topped windowsill at sunset / hydrangea blossom / my messy windowsill garden project / guard dogs - Sam & Winnie Dixon


  1. I cracked up seeing Sam on the bed ... 2 kitties behind him thinking, you can see it in there eyes: "he has a really big butt!!" tail wags ~moose is growing an Avocado seed too.

  2. Love the new rose and red planter, so much beauty for a small price. Your bed is very popular with the cats and Sam, great photos of Winnie and Sam in the snow.
    My window sill has a few jars with cuttings that I hope will strike, it is always exciting when you see some fine fibrous roots appear. I hope your avocado seeds will strike.
    Love to all
    xoxoxo ♡

  3. Those gorgeous grey muzzles and eyebrows just melt my heart. xoxo

  4. Lovely as always - and I would adore a tutorial on how to poach eggs.


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