Wednesday, October 29, 2014

It may be in harm's way
but as long as I'm with you
and at the end of a long, long day 
there is not much more to say 
than love, I'm so glad I met you. 
Royal Wood 

Winnie & I thank you for all the loving comments left here since Monday's post. It especially makes me happy that you felt so much like you knew her so well & that you loved her too. I wanted you all to know that I'm doing much better than you might have expected, I've been preparing (& over preparing) for Monday for a very, very long time. It wasn't in the end a difficult decision to make, what's difficult is the huge empty space she's left behind. Goodness that Dee girl she managed to take up plenty of space in my days, in my mind and most of all in my heart ... and for almost 15 years.

She & I were meant to be together.

Our favourite Royal Wood song


  1. Most certainly, you were meant to be together. Any pet that receives just 10% as much love as you showered on Winnie, is a very fortunate pet indeed. No one would have made a better life for Winnie than you did, Susan.

  2. Thank you John. She was 1 of a litter of 12 puppies that ended up at our local shelter, she was adopted by someone who we think just put her immediately outside on a rope or a chain and paid no attention to her. Thankfully that person had the good sense to surrender her back to the shelter when she was just nearing 1 year old (likely the most common age for dogs in shelters). Her name was Princess and the shelter felt she was the worst case of fear/anxiety that they had ever seen in a dog and they asked me initially to foster her. At the time I had the yellow & red retrievers (Emma & Jake) and 3 cats (Ernst, Lulu & Bleet). I went to pick her up one fateful Sat. morning Jan 2000 and by that afternoon she was happily flinging stuffed toys around. It was love (by all) that very first day. She had been waiting for her special person and her pack to come along & to find her ... lucky us ! xoxo les gang at 29 Black Street

  3. Tears - of happiness - at your above story. How lucky you both found each other. I love the up close photos, they tell so much about her. I am glad you were preparing, I am glad to see you write today and post more pictures. xxoo Kitty USA

    1. Thank you sweet Kitty. I am sad, I miss her terribly - it's just weird life without her. Thank you for your comment & I would love a really long email from you ;-) just saying' I suspect you have lots of news. When you get a chance I';d love to hear from you. Much love from all of us xoxo Susan

    2. I've been thinking about you. Glad that you are doing OK! I know all about the preparing and sometimes it is worse than the end. What a big word FATE is! Somehow FATE brought all my much loved pets to me too!! xoxo Wanda

    3. Hi Susan, I come to your blog everyday :) just so you know. Its been 3+ months of travel, still going too, chasing warm weather - its 82 deg @ 1 PM on 10/29 :) :) :). Yes, I owe you a long email, re: move/change/etc. I find I have less time for myself being mobile (waaahhh) but gain so many other things like sleep, new experiences (in that order). I promise story by email some day soon - maybe mid Nov? xxoo Kitty (all over the) USA

  4. We were so , so sorry to hear about Miss WD. Your photos this week say so much about unfettered trust, absolute love, and gentle tenderness .Kindness shared. You are in our thoughts. She could not have had a better life nor a more loving guardian. That is a happy thought.

  5. Lucky Winnie. Lucky you. Hugs, me

  6. Dearest Susan, I know how much you loved/love Winnie and she loved you too, she could not have wished for a better person than you to care for her, to love her and shower her with affection. She will always be a part of your life and the void that is left behind by her not being there is a wrench to the heart. We become so used to being with our loving pets and having their company, there is a strange feeling of absence when they are not there, even though we look for them in the familiar places and think we catch a glimpse of them again out of the corner of our eye. The pain will ease a little in time but you will never forget her and the wonderful years that you shared together.
    Thinking of you dear Susan, sending love and hugs.
    xoxoxo ♡

  7. Dear Susan
    I am glad that you are doing better than we all would have expected even though we all expected your great sadness. The other day I read a comment from one of your readers and she thanked you for sharing Winnie with all of us(your readers) And I thought about that ...the day we had to take our 14 year old dog to the vet for his final moments last spring...I came home and I went to your blog and read about Winnie. So yes, I have to also say thank you for sharing Miss Winnie with me.


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