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Friday, October 24, 2014

scenes from a long, long oceanside walk with my big guy, my very sweet guy ... Samuel

If you really want to know what you are capable of achieving, you must be willing to live without the opinions of other people. Iyanla Vanzant


  1. How is Miss Winnie doing? I notice she isn't featured on your walks lately. Hope she is just taking it slow and easy. Glad you have Samuel for company on the boardwalk.

  2. I was wondrin' about Miss Winnie too. Though I'm sure you notice that I post pics of my dogs in batches. I do one thing with Wendy and Sooki and different stuff with Trey. The former are dog friendly and can go anywhere off leash -- the latter is best just taken up the street for a "ball run". Are you getting excited about the big move ? Can't wait to see the marvellous pics you'll post of Lunenburg.

  3. Beautiful images dear Susan, your sweet Samuel must be good company on your walks. I too hope Miss Winnie is well and just taking it easy on shorter walks with you?
    love and hugs to all
    xoxoxo ♡


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