Thursday, April 2, 2009

Dude !

I created this little spot illustration yesterday (while my current piles of urgent, important and should-dos sat nearby waiting patiently). I made it to place in my sidebar above a new books read in 2009 section - I feel like I'm on a bit of a reading kick once again (thank goodness) and I wanted to keep track of those books in an effort to see my books read list grow. I'm challenging myself to read as many books as possible this year. It's most often painfully slow for me to get through a book because I almost always only read at bed time* and the activity of reading lulls me to sleep almost instantaneously - a few pages a night was my norm but lately that's changed - seems I'm in new bedtime rhythm and it's more like a few chapters each night. I'm half way through Wally Lamb's new book The Hour I First Believed - a 750 page tome set around the Columbine high school shootings, made even more thought provoking & compelling for me because of my recent and ongoing stint volunteering at our own little village high school.

The week of slumpdom continues on ... first up - tidy this messy teak topped desk.

* with the exception of my weekly Sunday 2-5pm goof off & nap/read time slot

What ? It's break time ! and I'm just sittin' here for a spell dans my box


  1. I love the new drawing, and I love a cat sitting in a box! They always get that faraway look in their eyes when sitting in a box. Do you think they are pretending the box is a magic carpet or something?

  2. No wonder you love that cat so much! Your illustration is wonderful, and was interested to see that you are reading Wally Lamb, a favourite of mine.

  3. hiya Oliver!! Who loves you little man? me,...yes indeed!!

    The last book I read was months ago... a re-read of a Robert Ludlum..before that.... years...doll mags and info being the exception.

    How to find time to read when I haven't even got enough hours in a day to find half of one to work on a doll....hmmmm....
    Quit making suppers?...nope...that saves plenty money.... ... stop exercising?..forget it... my bones and body need that.... well, then... get up earlier?..oh, wait..when I rarely fall asleep before 4 a.m. it's almost impossible to haul my ass out of bed before 9 much less 7....
    Let's see... I suppose I could save some time by not checking on or leaving comments in Bloggyville.... darn.. that would sure ruin my fun for the first hour of my day. Forget it...

  4. Oh, a handsome chap with eyeliner! Gorgeous!

  5. I'm on a reading kick as well....but when am I not? I've never read Wally Lamb...and I get the feeling that I should.

    That Oliver could melt ice! Such a sweetheart.

  6. Oh Oliver what a cutey.
    I need to keep your walking motivation in mind. My dog needs it as much as me.
    We are near the water this wk at friends house so good motivation for walking! Thanks again.

  7. What an adorable illustration! With such charming inspiration too. Hopefully, I will have more time to read VERY soon. :)

  8. That Oliver is a looker, that's for sure! Love the new piece you did for your books read list!


  9. Your illo is fabulous and looks great on your sidebar! But the kitty is precious.
    Tail Wags to All

  10. What a fun and really adorable illustration! Wow...what a talent. Of course I already KNEW that!
    Oliver? You are just too handsome.My Lucy is looking for a nice fella...wanna come to Ohio? *smile*


  11. That book sounds interesting. I will never ever forget Columbine, as you see from my blog side bar. A huge day here in Colorado.

    I'm so with you on that whole reading things--same with me. I have been reading one book on the FALL of Berlin now for about 8 years! trouble is, I forget where I was and have to keep going back some pages so I rarely get more than one page ahead--thus 8 years later! And, believe me, it's a massive book at it is already! LOL!


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