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Saturday, April 18, 2009

notice La Queen Lulu Belle of Black Street surveying her lands

Archives again- the tangled and overgrown path that leads to our front door. My Aunt Sally (actually my double Aunt Sally - she's my mother's sister and she's married to my father's brother - two sister's married two brothers) who lives in Quebec and visits 29 Black Street daily made a request to me recently that I rerun one of her favourite posts. Peepers & Peonies a post from last July.

Frog medicine is cleansing and sigh Ah sure could use a little cleansing it's been a tough week this one. My black dog (and I sure don't mean Missy D) my other black dog has really been wreaking havoc, it's actually been a difficult month this darn April, the month that was supposed to be my Month. But of course (and thankfully) the ever eternal optimist and dreamer girl, who lives here too, still believes things could turn around at any moment. That's what hope is I guess.

The other black dog, the one with cheeks of sweetness, my Noodlette girl and yes I do mean Winnie Dixon went to the post office with me yesterday. First time she's actually made it inside and into the desk area where Sue & Rhonda, la postal girls, live. Usually she would put her brakes on somewhere on the concrete steps leading in. The girls both spoke to her with sweet gentle voices and she looked up at them with her big timid brown eyes. I'm hoping she and I might make this event a regular thing. It was a very big deal for my terrified-of-people-girl Miss D and no, she didn't learn that from me she arrived at Black Street with those (not ever socialized with people) issues but it is tres ironic 'cause I tell ya we do make a perfect pair. Two scaredy peas in a pod we are - that's why we still long for Mr. Howdy Doody What's Goin' On dog - Jake. He lightened us up in such a large way.

Last night as I was taking a tray of cinnamon toast fingers and a cup of tea (comfort, comfort, comfort) upstairs to the nest at a shockingly early hour I had a thought for an instant that Lulu was still here, she loved toast with butter and I would always break off little bites for her and she would grab them and chew with the demureness and daintiness of a feeding Serengeti lion. She was some cat that Lulu Belle Queen of All Things.

MLou and her partner in crime are arriving this morning to scoop me up and take me to town again (happy sigh) so I must get a goin' cause I've got lots yet to do. And the lands of bubbles and scent are callin'.

While puttering out in the front garden one day last July I first thought this sweet little peeper frog (below) was one of those big beigey brown moths. You can imagine my delight upon realizing I had found a Peeper in a Peony.


  1. The peeper is so cute and your Peonies are gorgeous! Have a fun shopping!
    xoxo, Carol

  2. I'm so glad you re-ran this post. That middle photo is amazing, brown little peeper in a sea of pink. It's always good to have the camera at hand.

  3. Did you make your 29 sign for Black Street, Susan? It's so you!

  4. OMG! I love that frog in that peony! I have never heard of these frogs...is it common for them to be in a flower like that? Please educate me!!!

    Awwww...sweet Lulu...that was just her darling spirit showing up for her bites of buttered toast...can you blame her?

    Hope you all had a very fun day in the city!


  5. A peeper in a peony...how fabulous!! :-) You captured the little guy brilliantly!

  6. What a darling little thing to find:)

  7. Sweet pic--makes me feels so sweetly happy inside. It's like that feel of love enveloping one.


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