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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

daphne - the first blossoms in our garden each spring

My girl Winnie Dixon does indeed have a ruptured ACL (it makes me feel queasy when I think about it), our vet was able to discern this with a simple manual examination. Now the mending begins. I'm still sleepy this morning and up a bit later than usual. Sometime through the night Miss D decided that she'd leave her giant conjoined dog bed(s) on the living room floor and join Mama up on the sofa. Sigh. The things we do 'cause we love them so much. I slept the rest of the night with my knees up around my chest so that Winnie could have lots of room to stretch out.

We came home from the vet with a bottle of Metacam an anti-inflammatory/pain medicine, instructions to just go easy and the OK to continue our twice daily jaunts (although they'll be much shorter initially). Exercise is important for a dog on the mend, both physically and mentally. And I do know Missy D gets a lot O' stimulation from her twice daily intense olfactory investigations. She had this very same injury, in the summer of '06, and it did take months but gradually, gradually she regained complete use of her right hind leg and, other than the thickness (to the touch) of her knee joint, you'd never know today that she had an injury.

It is amazing how quickly dogs adapt. She's scooting around already quite well on her three good legs. I must try today to make up time since the last two days were a complete and total write off as far as my productivity goes. I'm off to the lands of bubbles & scent and then out we'll go for our little walk along the harbour's edge.
I love her so.

And Hey ! Thanks for all the love, hugs and well wishes sent Winnie Dixon's way.
and thanks to MLou for talking me down (or least trying to) from that ugly and frightening place I so love to climb to.


  1. Fistly, great to hear she is on the mend. You are such a SOFTIE though! Letting her squash you up on the sofa, she is a lucky dog. :)

    Those spring buds are lovely. I just moved my potted Daphne plant to shelter from the wind for the winter.

  2. Susan....happy to hear that Miss WD
    is on the mend :)!
    The blossoms are truly beautiful!
    Love to the les gang!

  3. Lucky dog indeed! Have a great day!

  4. Hope you are O.K. now Susan. You must have been so worried, and with lack of sleep as well.Those days and nights take a while to get over. Of course I wish dear Miss Winnie Dixon a full recovery and hope things get back to a more even keel for you and les gang.The photos are beautiful.

  5. OH so glad your baby is on the mend. Glad you can still get out on your walk! It's your discipline for sure.
    When my dog is sick I seem to get nothing done.Sending healthy good well wishes.

  6. First off, Kudos to MLou for talking you down. What a great friend. Glad to hear that Winnie is taking it all in stride, if only on 3 legs. You might as well start sleeping on the dog bed, I think you'll both have more room.
    Hang tough, this too shall pass.

  7. Glad to hear Miss D is going to be okay. She's certainly a lucky girl to be loved by you!

  8. I'm glad Winnie Dixon and her Mama are doing better or at least on the mend.

  9. It's a relief to have a diagnosis, isn't it - hopefully all will be well fairly soon.

    And lovely buds too. Here in the UK we are much further on, Spring-wise, than you, but it's cold and damp!

    Stay hopeful!

  10. Hi y'all. Winnie seems to be doing fine - has been doing fine. Mama on the other hand is "still" suffering today from exhaustion and upset.
    It's a real drag that this has happened.
    Walking is such a big part of life.
    Something we sure had been taking
    for granted.

  11. whew!! well, onward with the healing....slow and steady wins that race.

    oh, lucky you....blossoms.... on anything, would be so nice to see here...snowflakes fell on and off most of yesterday. This morning the sun is out....but the birdie bath is frozen solid.

  12. My mom says to nickname Miss Winnie as
    Tripod! WOOF WOOF & Tail Wags to All.
    Take care and enjoy Springs blossoms.

  13. Susan, you and Miss WD are both in our thoughts and continue in our prayers. This, too, shall pass...and you will both recover. I know it has been/is grueling for you. Time is your friend. Good luck with the work and with the sleeping situation! You are loved!


  14. I hope you know we all are thinking of you! I am glad to know Winnie is mending nicely!! Love to you both!

  15. i'm so glad you got her into the vet and got it diagnosed. now you have a plan for getting her all better. hugs to both of you.

    my sweet presley is feeling wobbly and out of sorts these days. i gave him a long head, neck and back rub this evening and he did a soft contented growl thru the whole thing. i wonder if someone will do that for me when i'm old. he's 16 x 7 = 112 dog years. my heart breaks to see him failing. i know that you know my pain.


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