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Thursday, April 9, 2009

from last spring - boxes of annuals and the black velvet chicelet

Nessie ness, Bleet (ness) the big fat black velvet chicelet cat who has once again begun his seasonal very early morning campaign to be let out into darkness to roam with the wild things. He meows (and howls softly), stomps around my bedroom and picks at the nest of down & flannel in hopes that I'll get up at 4 something am to let him out. The picking at the nest with the very sharp claws does not go over well with Miss D who instantly does her impression of the tres fierce & ferocious dog, protector of all and excellent kitten police - snarling and growling at Nessie who stomps away only to return to try again moments later. I guess it must really finally be spring. I'm not sure what he does outside, patrols the property I guess and when he comes back in after his relatively brief jaunt around in darkness a gigantic fuss must be made - as if he had been gone for days. Sigh.

Our front stoop or porch is a favourite sleeping spot of Bleet's and here he is with a huge bunch of annuals from a great little local greenhouse garden centre. With all this beige and brown and muck that currently surrounds us I'm so looking forward to lots of green, for our jungle to erupt and for lots of petite pots and tubs of brilliant colour, hanging baskets and window boxes.

Oh my goodness the birds in our yard - what a glorious sound to wake up to. Hey !! it's Easter weekend !! It's still chilly here and there are flurries in the weekend forecast. Sigh. Oh well, we'll get the fire blazing, warm up this old brick house and settle in with some milk chocolate bunnies.

My apologies for the repeat photos. Images from the abundant 29 Black Street photo archives. All the brown, beige, dirt and muck has been getting me down and seriously hampering my photo taking desires.

Thank you so much for all the lovely compliments re: my day job.

and ps- regarding super duper blood work results - turns out I'm totally healthy, in fact I am exceptionally healthy (her words). Pas de issues of any sort. I guess it's all in my head - but Hey ! we knew that already. Wink.

I so love the look on his face in this photo - he's a weird & lovely cat


  1. That a girl Winnie, you tell that cat who is boss of the nest.
    Good news on the blood work. Now about that head. Too many secrets pushing at the seams?
    The flowers look like they would drip color all over the black cat.

    Happy Springy Thursday.

  2. Awwww....so LOVE that second photo!! Snnuuugggllleee! =)

    Hope you have a wonderful day!!

    **hugs* Much love to you!

  3. I love these photos... so much color and cat-ness combined. I used to have cats that would wake me up in the morning, but my current ones never do. They are very thoughtful that way!

  4. Oh my soul, Susan. You have been holding out on me!! Those amazing door plates!! Don't you realize I am an interior designer?? Don't you realize I should know about these magnificent, and I do mean magnificent, creations??? Holy Moly, they are so gorgeous. I am going to check out the links you've posted, but if they don't tell me all I need to know about them, then email me, okay?? I am swooning.

    I've been out of my wee office so I can see I have some serious catching up to do!!

  5. He's such a big, black cutie! Maybe not as cute as Ver, but don't tell him. ;) And the flowers are gorgeous.

  6. Hey, that's great news on the bloodwork results! Always good to be on the safe side.

  7. Happy Easter greetings to you Susan, and wonderful news with the blood tests. I am off to buy some punnets of flowers this morning too.Beautiful photos. xxx

  8. Bleeeet is beeee-you-ti-foool! Thank you for sharing pics of your handsome boy and his beautiful realm of new annuals! Long as his wanderings don't endanger his sweet life a litle morning constitutional is good for the soul!

    Happy Easter to one and all!

    Much love,



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