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Friday, April 3, 2009

reading wolves

Red sighs ... and inspiration

I'm in love with this Reading Wolves Gocco print from etsy shop Oh My Cavalier
you can visit Julianna Swaney's lovely blogs here & here

And these two beautiful prints from etsy seller fox in the woods.

painful love

the twins

off to the lands of shea butter bubbles & orange, fat mug of coffee in hand. It must be mild outside because the streets lights all are wearing halos of mist this early morning and the harbour's gone missing. The birds are awake and here's hopin' that those darn ol' rhythms have begun their climb up and out of those trenches.

I had dreams last night of coyotes and foxes - friendly retriever like coyotes and big beautiful black foxes with patches of ginger and white calico. Sigh ....


  1. May all of your dreams awaken you,Susan, to sighs and a feeling of rightness with the world. <3

  2. What a dream! The reading wolves print is amazing. Thanks for sharing

  3. I like the painful love print. And coyotes and foxes have been on my mind too, mostly how to keep them away from my cats.

  4. Wonderful blog. I knew I'd like it if my friend Julie King liked it!

    Wonderful blog. Lots of interesting things. Love the style.

  5. So can we expect a coyote or sleek black fox in your own talented work soon? Wishing you a wonderful weekend Susan. Love to you and The Gang.xx by the way, the words retriever-like are interesting- is there something you are trying/would like to retrieve? A bit of amatuer dream analysis going on here...

  6. When I saw this picture this morning, I remembered that I dreamed of an enormous white swan last night. He was in a red wagon and there was a puppy in a large wire cage with a hole in the top sitting near by. The swan was reaching his strangely over-long, serpentine neck through the hole antagonizing the puppy who was jumping madly up the sides of the kennel. I was terrified he was going to eat the puppy. Whew! I wonder what that meant. I had no memory of it till I saw the swan in the picture.

  7. You take hot coffee with you to your bath? Isn't that way too hot pour vous?!

    Loved this artwork your highlight here. I don't know what it is but pencil, graphite and splashes of red and white work so perfectly wel together, don't they?


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