new plan No. 612

Monday, April 20, 2009

Mr. Calico Love enjoying a big patch of Sunday afternoon sunshine

Warning - sleep inducingly boring post. Sigh. Oh no ! she's planning out loud again

Well this morning, this new beginning of a brand new week, this new Monday morning my plan is to begin planning my next new plan. Which would be plan No. 612. Humour me please.

Being self employed and working from home everything & all activities can and do begin to blend together. Saturday and Sunday don't seem much different than the days through the week (with the exception of my optional scheduled Sunday afternoon goof off nap/read time). My work life, my home life and my yard and garden life can and do all become one big distracting thing. Overwhelming at times, focus and attention draining almost always. I might be working away at the TTD* and go downstairs to make a pot of tea and not return to my desk for ages because I've become diverted, sidetracked by some unimportant and non urgent thing (like dishes, or a load of laundry). Sadly what happens with a life like mine is - it can seem like you're never ever really working while at the same time feeling like you're always working.

I have a new great long list of must do, fairly major let's sell this old brick house reno projects that have to be done (by me) - and soon. Also that CE** is not going to build itself, I need to continually excel at and grow my day job and those darn 7 invisible mute valets are no help at all. So ... in my ongoing efforts to devise some kind of schedule that will help me to accomplish this multitude of things that I must accomplish and all while working with my unique personality (wink) and fluctuating energy levels (super dynamo in the mornings, near slug like in the evenings) I have devised this newest of plans. Plan No. 612.

I will
begin today treating time spent at the TTD (9-5) like a real office job. I will attempt to pretend that the scary boss lady is hovering always nearby keeping track of my performance and time. Sadly I must say a fond farewell to the ongoing and constant lure of the www. The absolute worst distraction and time waster is - the net. Blogland, animal shelter land, cooking sites ... If you could see the history of my trolling the web on any given day - you'd be shocked. I am shocked. So ... a tres severe internet embargo is a MUST.

All this with the hopes of beginning (this week) a 4 day work week here at the teak topped desk. Leaving three days (and even more to the point) three mornings that I can work on this old brick house and my yard and garden. Plus June 27th there is a village wide yard sale and honestly I'd like to get rid of practically everything I currently own and make a fresh start in my new teeny, tiny life. Off I go.

Are ya still here ? if so have a Happy Monday

TTD* teak topped desk
CE* Creative empire


  1. Could you hear the gently-mocking yet sympathetic laughter all the way from England? How I love these big plans. I have them too. Very comforting, like making a list, and very illusory, because if we really wanted to live like that, we'd get a Proper Job in a Proper Office.... Nice try though!

  2. Before I even started reading your post, your pics were making me feel like wandering back up to bed. It's so dark and the rain is just pouring!

  3. Susan...I am always doing one thing then somehow...I find my self going in a different direction.I may go to the kitchen to get a cup and look out the window and see something I need to pick up. Next thing I know, I've spent two hours in the yard forgetting all about the cup and whatever I was doing before I went to get the cup! HA! I call it "age"

  4. (In big Scary Boss Voice)Have you made any progress on your latest project???? Don't make me audit your web browser history!!!!

    Can you tell I have some experience in the work avoidance conundrum?

  5. I love plans.
    Best of luck with yours:)

  6. You go, girl! I KNOW you can do it!

    Much love to you and the CREW!


  7. Re Sunday the cure trip.

    I must confess and am ashamed to say that Missy D did not accompany us on the big Sunday excursion. She is tres timid (to say the least) of people and I initially thought it was going to be much more of a shopping trip and much less a hiking and racing around in sunshiny blue, blue skies and wide open spaces. I didn't think to include her as shopping and being in enclosed spaces (an SUV) with people she doesn't know well isn't really her cup of tea. I realize now that she would have loved the hiking and beach walking and next time I'll be sure to ask if she can come too. I felt bad (still do) but she has assured me that she had a good time here at home Lording over the cats.

    Mama would've been afraid she might fall off a cliff. Did you happen to notice how high up we were in some of those shots. High up on a cliffs edge looking out over the bay of Fundy. Sigh.

  8. You have perfectly described the plight of those who work from home! The distractions are endless...for me, namely a big white dog and a big black dog. I wish you success with your new plan of action!

  9. even if I don't actually "work" from home...because thankfully I'm outta the actual "work force" after putting in waaaay too many years mostly because I opted out of child bearing years .... . so I quit that b.s a few years ago... ......all the same damn things happen.

    I start something, then..oh, ....say.... a cute little pinch bowl to tidy up some straight pins in my craft room. Then, see the kettle, and make tea... but, the mail arrives, so I have to check that...then, I go downstairs for something else, or to check the laundry and forget what I was doing til I see the little bowl and wonder what I was supposed to do with it...etc... oh, goes on all day. And if I get too involved with what I am thinking about instead of thinking about what I am doing...I find the dishcloth in the fridge... or the toilet roll on the kitchen table...or socks left on the coffee table.... sigh....

    I can relate to the blog is SUCH fun... after I went to link about the recluse...I noticed another with a very intriguing title...and had to read it...hahahha..never laughed so hard in ages. I, too, am having to wean myself from too many hours on is just too much fun and wastes too many hours. 'Specially in the good weather which we, (in Canada,) don't get nearly enough of...

    I am trying to get a doll done for a competition... and after 3 heads..still can't get one the size I have in mind. So... more time made available by boycotting blogs and animal sites... yep...we can use every spare hour. Oh, and hey... not the BVees... this weekend, it was all just the singular. "Me"...
    Poor "Mister" was coughing and hurting (I think he has wrecked some ribs coughing) and lying on the couch... watching Formula One racing..motorcycle racing and hockey finals....

    I consider the yard my personal domain anyway....I like my Beast Rouge... we have a pretty good relationship.....

    I'll still be checking on you whenever you decide to hop on here..... I know where you live and I know when you write... .... heh heh.... sounds pretty sinister eh? lol......

  10. WHOA !! what a sure didn't seem that long winded in the little puny box ! sorry!

  11. love a long message from Madam B. Vee

  12. Does a severe internet embargo mean we won't find you here anymore? I hope not. Other than that, it sounds like a workable plan.
    At least, please let the furry ones keep showing up in some photos. I would miss them terribly.
    Also, I would miss your kind comments. There we go... asking for your time already!
    Anyway, I wish you well!

  13. I know just how it is... "i'll just have a cup of tea" I tell myself, next thing you know Im clearing out the cupboards and have been totally side tracked from doing my PAYING work. Its nice to know im no the only one at least. :)

    Dont let Big Shamu any where near my web browser history please!!

  14. Have no fear Judy it's a 9-5 (work day) internet embargo (I didn't do very well I'm addicted). I'm very much an early morning blogger and always will be. Blogging is like a lifeline for me, very much my therapy and most of you who hang out here with me in the comments section feel very much like my group therapy pals. Wink. No plans to give "it" or "you" up anytime soon.

  15. My human mom works at home some days too.... she talks my furry ears off!
    Tail Wags to All.

  16. Dun Dun.

    Dun Dun.




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