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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

a trail of red tulips in our petite backyard forest - from the Polaroid archives

How's that for a hit of red ? Ahhh the ever so saturated colour of a polaroid photo.

Just what a girl needs on this first day of April here in the lands of still white and icy and cold. I bet it's no surprise to find out that red is my most favourite colour. A favourite design colour - not necessarily a colour I would wear often or a colour that I would decorate with - a la walls or even throw pillows but if you take a stroll through my etsy shop ... well ... you'll find lots O' red there.

I'm in the midst of (potentially) two new and quite large ($$=sound sleep) projects for customer No. Uno, I have a little typographic homework this week, from my high school art class volunteering - I'm making two small headers for displays using hand cut letters (a current fav of mine). 'Tis the month of tax time (groan), and I'm a bit in overwhelm over all the scattered bits and pieces and different directions my CE* has taken lately and I must reel those bits in, make a few big lists and get that exciting and ever growing side of my life organized. Maybe I can convince one of the invisible mute valets to help out.

It's been a slumpy kind of week here at 29 Black Street. Those weeks happen - best just to keep on keepin' on, breath deeply and try not to ponder too much. Les secret of my success. Wink. Woke up to what I suspected would be another ho hum, slumpy day again today only to find (dans la world of Blog) that We have been mentioned again on another tres fantastic design blog - seymour cornelius. Hooray! and Merci! Turned everything around this morning that did ! Turned Ho Hum ! into Lets' Get a Goin' Girlfriend ! It is such fantastic validation that I'm on the right track with my slowly growing, bit by bit, Creative Empire ... Hooray !

* creative empire


  1. OK you were right, these red headed tulips were much better than snow.

    Happy Red Wednesday.

  2. I've got to check into getting one of those invisible mute valets.

  3. Oh my friend those are BEAUTIFUL!!!

  4. Awwwww....LOVE the red tulips. Beautiful. Hey...slumpy weeks are OK from time to time. One can't ALWAYS work themselve to death! hahaha =)


    Love you tonnes and thinking of you lots. xo

  5. Beautiful red. I love tulips. It gives me hope that spring might just get here.

  6. Gorgeous color on gorgeous flowers. Glad for the new $$ projects and totally understand about the taxes, ugh.

  7. OK, I love the red, but the peonies from yesterday melted my heart! MY favorite flower! Congrats on your recent mentions! So glad the rest of the world is getting to know the 29 Black Street the rest of us have grown to love so much!


  8. Beautiful shots. These are yours? So pretty.

  9. The tulips and peonies are absolutely gorgeous! Hey for spring! It's finally here! We only have daffodils so far...I should look into my archives..what a great idea!


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