Sunday, April 12, 2009

reese's peanut butter eggs and malteezers

I must say the selection of Easter candy in this little village was fairly poor. None the less some cheap milk chocolate was procured (and yes there are bunny parts a chillin' in my fridge). One of my all time favourite quotes or sayings is

good things come
T.D. Martin

second only to

deny thyself nothing
L. Meagher

Happy Easter from les Gang

The windows are wide open, the air is fresh and everything outside is white and blue, the ground covered with a blanket of snow through the night and the only sounds we hear this early morning are the sounds of big fat drops of rain and a garden full of, just up and beginning their day, songbirds.

oh my ... what a voice ... and oh what a song
an interview with James about writing this song


  1. The interview was interesting, and it brought tears to my eyes. I always wondered about the meaning behind that song. I never knew he had a band called The Flying Machine.

    Enjoy your fresh air and chocolate! Love to you and les Gang.

  2. Listening to that song brought me right back to my childhood. Great song. Hope you and your gang have a Happy Easter, Susan.

  3. Happy Easter Susan & les gang!
    I love James Taylor and that song is my favorite of his!
    the windows open sounds so refreshing!

  4. Happy Easter Egg Day to you and the furry gang Susan.....
    somehow...we have had a week and are looking forward to the second of absolutely great weather. I worry. This could mean snow in May.... becuz you know we don't usually have it this good on Easter.

    We raked about 4 million fir cones yesterday...and we don't have any fir trees. The neighbours.... oh, how I wish they would either water those poor stressed out trees...or get rid of them. they do take them down....

  5. oops, missed a word or two...I hope they do take them down....

  6. James is such a soundtrack for my life.

    I'm happy to hear you have a beautiful Easter day to enjoy, as we do here. Blue, blue and green, green.

    And...big news on the home front. Apple caught her first squirrel yesterday. She is over the moon about it. Fortunately for us, she learned the command, "drop it", at an early age!

  7. Oh my! Lovely post! Happy Easter and God bless all those at 29 Black Street!

    I will be sending you a separate email regarding James Taylor!


  8. Hope you are enjoying your snowy Sunday in front of the fire.
    Haven't been by for a bit but I do love the musical doorknobs, the pizza sounds yummy and did I hear someone mention kittens?
    My best to you and the critters.

  9. Yes Susan, what was in that previous post about "a nest full of kittens"? Thank you so much for sharing the James Taylor clip. Fire and Rain is one of those songs where everyone seems to know the words and can't help singing along. The history of the song was interesting,as was learning about the flying machine connection. Hope spring weather warms you soon. It sounds like it could still be a cold week ahead for you and The Furry Gang.xx

  10. I love this James Taylor song! Happy Easter to you and the gang, Susan!! :D

  11. that song is one of my faves.

    Hope you had a lovely Easter. Love your photo, as usual.


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