Thursday, April 16, 2009

nessie and some branches of forsythia in the chocolate brown guest room

vi⋅gnette any small, pleasing picture or view.

What a lovely word vignette is ... and it seemed the perfect place for much loved but rarely used french brackets. If I could only see the vignettes for the trees I'd be in a much better place. So today dans la dayplanner. I'll be lookin' out for the Vignettes in my life.

MLou suggested to me in a phone chat the other day that maybe I attempt a day or two of a PlanLess Living - Whatcha talkin' bout Willis ? no list, no to-dos just to see what would happen. See she knows because she's cut from the very same cloth and a Murphy's Law of life (I think it's No. 52) is it's always easier to help fix those things in someone's elses life - and of course, with the hopes that while doing so, some of that fixin' stuff will rub off on your own life. So she really was saying "Lets" & "We" should try a day of pas de plans. Yikes ! Are ya crazy ? Take away my plannin' and all that would be left is a little pile O'dust.

It's funny though - as shocking and radical a suggestion as it may be. It is a daily (perhaps hourly) fantasy of mine. My friend from the far away lands Pherenike took the words right out of my mouth when she mentioned her desire for a day or two of a Planless Blissful life in a recent comment.

Just wish I was a kid again and I could let everyone else take responsibility for me. Wouldn't that be nice. Someone else to pay the power bill, someone else to go grocery shopping, someone to cook dinner and make you comfy when you're feeling blah.

This is where my team of 7 invisible mute valets should come in ... except I can never find them. I think it is what can really get you down at times - the pure endlessness of the should do's, must do's, have to do's, want to-do's and like to-dos. And I'm doing it all by myself - that's a fact not meant to be a whine or a plee for pity - it's just a fact. And I do remember those days and how much more fun it was to do all those most mundane of tasks (like painting rooms and dragging trees around the yard) with someone, with a partner in crime. It's why I want, I need, to find ... (no not a partner in crime although you have no idea how close I come some days to putting a sign out front Will Cook for Companionship) a new very teeny, tiny life. A small and tidy manageable life and who knows maybe then I might have time to find that partner in crime (although I suspect he may have red fur and a passion for sticks).

I don't want to live a life exiled forever in the lands of shoulds and musts and I am trying to find my way out.


  1. Have a lovely plan free day! I hope some of it finds you outside in the sunshine:)

  2. Hey Alice ! Who said anything about "actual" planlessness ? it 'tis a lovely theory though I'm not there yet and B. Shamu I'm going to.

  3. I appreciate vignettes many times a day. They tend to catch my eye. And, I like to create them.

  4. I love your vignettes. The chocolate room is lovely as is your little black cat. I am with Shamu go to Florida! I live in the Florida Keys. You need a little humidity and heat to take your cares away. You will not feel out of place, you can still smell the sea.

  5. When you find those invisibel mute valets, send one or two of them over to WM.

  6. Keep on keeping on...

    I had to look up this after you reminded me of it...


    I used to love that show, id sing along with the theme song every episode.

  7. I have that fantasy sometimes. Someone to take care of everything and anything worrisome, whilst I make daisy chains in the garden. Actually, being an adult was not all we thought it was when we were small, is it?

    But I still love staying up late and eating dessert first if I want to.

  8. Dear sweet, sweet, Susan. I am thinking of you lots and sending you TONS of love your way. *hugs*

  9. Oh Susan, sorry you've been struggling lately, I'm wading through my own quicksand right now. And I know how you feel about wanting "princess" days, I can't wait to feel carefree again.

  10. A day without a plan can be a good thing (difficult, but good!)...and speaking of a good thing...those chocolate brown walls. Yum!


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