forget me not

Sunday, April 26, 2009

the most perfect tiny pale blue flower

When I look at them ... I am reminded how astounding nature is. Our garden is filled with forget me nots - not yet in blossom but soon, very soon.

Miss D has hurt her back leg. She awoke this morning fine, bounded down the stairs and outside into her vast fenced in dog yard with her normal enthusiasm (to take care of a little business) and came back into the house not able to put any weight on her left back leg. Of course Mama totally freaked (as is her nature) and immediately began going through her doggie 911 check list. Was she bleeding, had she cut her paw ? was it a thorn ? a burr ? was her hip dislocated ? her knee ? I palpitated her entire limb gently while scrutinizing her every facial expression, is she in pain ? are any areas of her leg or foot warm ? I check her gums, are they pale ? is she bleeding internally ? (she's limping, I remind Mama !) is she still hungry ? could I tempt her with some cat food ? Thankfully all nos and a resounding yes to the cat food. Oh Thank God ! OK ... try and calm down Susan. She turned 10 in January. Please Missy D, live to be a very old dog.

So I sit here this morning a little later than usual at my lap top (hence more archival photographs) in our dining room. Winnie's one of those dogs who will insist on following me wherever I might go and I don't want her to try and climb the stairs. I've been able only to race upstairs for minutes at a time to retrieve a few things and even by then she's hobbled up onto the landing at the bottom of the stairs. I'll forgo the bubbles & scent this morning, I'll rearrange my Sunday schedule a bit and I'll hang with her today, keep an eye on her. I did give her an ASA tablet (325g- she weighs about 65lbs) and she's now sleeping soundly on her living room bed. I'm thinking and hoping that it's just a bad sprain.

A fantastic dog first aid kit list every dog lover should either print or bookmark.


  1. Poor Miss D ! Give her a hug for me?
    Those are gorgeous flowers Susan!
    Have a wonderful day and take care of Miss D !

  2. Could she have been stung by a bee or other stinging creature? I hope she's better soon. She's so lucky to have you caring for her. Sending love to you both.

  3. big hugs to miss winnie d from me and presley!! we so hope she recovers quickly!!

  4. Mama's are supposed to "freak out" a bit- it's our job! Miss D is in very good hands indeed- I'm sure she'll be just fine.

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  6. Edward has occasionally bruised his paw pad...sort of like stone bruise. A few hours, or maybe a night, of rest ususally does the trick. I'm sure it's nothing serious. Let her know we are all thinking of her here.

  7. Oh, Miss Winnie are in our prayers for your rapid healing!
    I know how frightening it is when one of our precious "babies" somehow comes up lame and we cannot imagine how the injury might have occurred. Don't worry, Susan. You are the best of caregivers and if she is not better tomorrow you can take her to the vet for an exam. All will ultimately be well.
    Love to both of you!


  8. hey! I recognize that print of the forget-me-nots...

    maybe Winnie just sprained it a bit, ripping around.... ... fingers crossed.....

  9. We hope Miss D is feeling better soon!

    Beautiful flowers - Muzzle took some photos of the forget me nots in our garden this weekend.



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