Saturday, April 4, 2009

good morning - he likes to arrive at work a little early, before the boss lady

from this beautiful tidy teak topped desk ... to this by noon

high school homework* - a perfect project for the girl who likes to cut out letters

It's raining here this early morning and finally warm enough to have the windows open a crack. The ice in the harbour is all but gone and this rainy mild weekend should help the remaining snow and white finally disappear. Miss D is snoring soundly in her bed under my desk - in her den**. Bleet-ness has just had a wee visit atop the TTD for his first (of several daily) sessions of mad pats and ear pulling and now he's gone again, back to find a cozy spot dans la nest I suspect and Gus, the sleek and trim, oh so handsome, tabby cat - well who knows where he is ?? - curled up somewhere on the main floor avoiding interacting, as is his preference. Wait ... what's that I hear ? I do think it is the sound of a petite herd of (kitten) elephants a zoomin' up and down the stairs, the peeling sound of claws and paws as they spin around tres tight corners. Our day has officially begun.

Mama's off to the lands of bubbles and scent and then back to the nest to do some Saturday plannin'

* two headers for two displays of student created artist trading cards
** see second photo from the top


  1. It is nice to be back at 29 Black street and I am so impressed with your wonderful cards. I enjoyed looking at the sidebar. (My desk is always untidy!)

  2. Great signs! Your domestic routine is delightful! The kitty runs, the computer company above and below! Do they stay out of the way when you are cutting? We have the young Mr. D'Arcy who leaves the couch san covers by pulling-firmly so he has a corner to sleep on while Junie cat awaits the next wild chance to wack him with her paw avec sharp nails. <3

  3. love the signs!! and wishi could be ther to hear the herd of cats on the stairs!

  4. How sweet, seeing Miss Dixon there in her den. Don't you just love your furry housemates? I, too, love the sound of my little herd racing up and down the stairs.

  5. What a sweet place to work! My desk looks more like the second picture most of the time.

  6. These signs are wonderful! I am always so impressed with your work.
    And, a tidy desk is the sure sign that nothing creative is going on there!


  7. I love the second picture of your work space!It's so good when some-one says "'scuse the mess" - always makes me relax and enjoy more what they've created in it! Congratulations on another piece of wonderful work.

  8. I bet Gus is not happy with a messy desk!!!??
    Tail Wags to All.

  9. Your HS kids are going to love the signs. Tres cool!!

    I recognize the big Starbucks mug!

  10. Good evening, sweet Susan. LOVE your signs. Wow! Love you SO much! Was just talking about you today with a good friend and told them how much you inspire me. Maybe some day...some day, I would have the opportunity to meet you.



  11. I so agree with Paris's comment up there. Tres true!

    I loved seeing Miss D sleeping away under your desk and your cat on the table, all warm, sweet and inviting. What a lovely serene scene, even with all that clutter!


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