Tuesday, April 7, 2009

orange gerbera daisy 1 - Polaroid archives

Well most of the snow and ice and white and the very cold is gone and we're left with that awful, but thankfully brief, period in early spring of beige and brown and dirt and muck and early morning chills. These orange gerberas could very well be repeat photos here on this blog but I needed some bold colour this early morning and these were the first thing I came across while flipping through the Polaroid archives album. It's raining and chilly, the fire's blazing and I'm off to linger in the lands of bubbles & scent.

It's kinda quiet, these last few days, here at 29 Black Street.
We're still waitin' on spring.

orange gerbera daisy 2 - Polaroid archives


  1. What? No birds singing? Getting ready for spring? The wrens alone have quite a bit to say at my house.

    Loving the poloraid flashbacks.

  2. I saw this photo and though i had pulled up some archived blog post as i remember seeing this not too long ago on your blog again!

    BTW, if you have a mo today--please go visit my blog and check out the "Dreaming" status sidebar under "currently mmm". I suspect you'll get a kick out of it.

  3. Your Polaroids have such a nice mellow, vintage quality.

  4. It's cold and windy here today and we had snow flurries... bah!

  5. It's snowing here. Still. If you've got any sunshine to spare...consider sending it west? In the meantime, these gerberas will do quite nicely.


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