Sunday, June 3, 2012

some fleurs lately - pansy / impatiens & yellowy lime creeping jenny / tulip / rhododendron / lobelia / allium

a • plomb - [uh-plom, uh-pluhm]

imperturbable self-possession, poise, assurance, composure, equanamity

As I was writing in my journal this morning, in bed as usual with my coffee (heavenly every day habit of mine), writing my Morning Pages (morning lists, sketches, ideas, plans ... etc) the word aplomb just zinged into my head from out of nowhere - I swear the universe talks to me exactly that way sometimes - like a spit ball blown through an empty Bic pen (Bonjour elementary school memories). A slight sting on the cheek, a definite wee aha moment ! Of course I had to look up the word, at dictionary.com, just to make sure of it's exact meaning & Oh Boy !! I gotta tell ya - that's exactly how I want to feel ... how I want to be.

imperturbability ??   now that's what I'm talkin' about !!  who knew that was even a word 

Happy Happy Sunday - I think the very best day of the week 


  1. Aplomb! Now that's a word to aspire to if I ever saw/heard/read one! Sundays are great... except when I get into my panicky mode that there's so much to do and there isn't enough time or energy to get it all done and another week is over and will I ever catch up mode... left over from many years of working in the corporate world, I guess... today I have needed to remind myself to "shut the heck up and just enjoy the process" and it's working! 90 minutes of serious weeding and trimming and I'm feeling eer so much calmer... a bite to eat and up to the sewing studio... Aplomb... gotta work on it!

  2. Ha... last line should have read "I'm feeling EVER so much"...

  3. and here I thought it was something I got from a "plomb" tree. (tee, hee)

    I love your morning routine !


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