Saturday, June 9, 2012

vivid's got a hold on me - I swear I can't seem to stop myself with the neon brights & the gang of pinks best friends

I'm definitely needing some me time. I finished up this "gig"* poster for Nova Scotia singer songwriter Kim Harris yesterday afternoon - my office currently looks like a bomb went off. Now I need some self care, some me time. This entire weekend I'm devoting to house & garden chores & projects including completely cleaning up this darn messy office, finally doing my income tax (shhhhhhh please whisper those kinda late words I'm pretty sure that they owe me a couple of bucks or  - here's hopin'). I'm making a gluten free, splenda chocolate truffle cake because yesterday was the Prince's birthday. Later on I'm going lay in the nest of down & flannel with a pile of pillows, a steaming cup of Chocolate Chai tea (so delicious) and finish my current novel - Cost -  two thumbs up - excellent, a real page turner about the effects of a son's heroin addiction on his family & on everyone he comes in contact with). Monday morning I'll be off with a creative bang - 12 amazing new artworks in 3 weeks, 4 a week minimum. Rock On Me !

& it's raining today - steady straight down pouring rain - the frosting on my Saturday cake.

See the finished cropped poster here - yellow band at bottom for individual event specifics
* I like sayin' "gig" 'cause I am perpetually just turned 30 - dontcha know ;-)

Kim performing at our little village cafe


  1. A belated Happy Birthday to the Prince! You did say chocolate cake with chocolate frosting...?

  2. No frosting I'm afraid - except for this lovely rainy day.

    A bit of a long story but the Prince & I have said goodbye to both wheat, all gluten & sugar. The book Wheat Belly has been our guide. At first sounds like it might be shockingly cruel & difficult to follow such a regime but in actuality it's super simple, gone are pangs of hunger & cravings. I love to cook, so in my fav spirit of "bold, persistent experimentation I have been making lots of new things - bread & cakes using almond flour, lots of nuts including coconut, unsweetened chocolate & splenda. This cake is one of those little tiny bit of flour, truffle-ish cake eaten with a healthy blob of whipped cream - uh huh !! fats are good. Sugar + Wheat are bad.

  3. That poster is amazing!!!! I love the funky colors and flowers, has such a wonderful vintage feel. Love it!


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