poise under pressure

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Sam rollin' in the clover / early morning harbour / window boxes with hot pink ! lobelia / breakfast - veggie frittata with hot sauce + radishes / the beautiful tall elm across the street / Sam & Winnie on the grassy hill / yellow, lemon scented, wild roses / hosta / lichen / maple / Black St. hanging basket with lobelia / What ? Mr. Oliver chillaxin ' in his office with a view / more clover

Poise under pressure ... yah, uh huh !

As  predicted I've been trying to freak myself while working on my current big important 12 piece art/illustration project. The constant chattering between Madam Invincible & Demon Girl goes on in my head endlessly. Sigh. Meanwhile I realize I'm holding my breath, panicking a little & rushing. Me and rushing are never a good combo, so yesterday was a bit of a stew of yuckiness. Madam I. tries to rationalize with Demon Girl - but demons never care too much for sensible talk. A new leaf is required ... ya think ??

My goal for today (& for ever ;-) is to cruise through my list of to-dos (which happily includes walking Sam & Winnie with a  friend and her dog, finishing my first 2 illustration pieces 2 of 12 - yikes ! & some other lil' must-do's & want to-dos) all with a cool, calm demeanour. Poise. Ahhhhh-plomb ... oh yeah ! remember aplomb the very cool antivirus (always) to demon gal. That & remembering to breath regularly & deeply - oh my, it feels so good. I'm still reading the book Nerve - fascinating investigation into fear, stress & anxiety & tres apropos.

We'll be Rockin' On avec Poise + Aplomb ! here at the TTD.

11:00 am - istening to my usual  CBC radio 1 (& currently Q) but I wish you could hear the amazing chorus of birds in the trees outside my second floor studio windows. It's as if I'm living in an aviary - so lovely, so appreciated. Merci sweet birds !


  1. Love these photographs! Sam appears to be in HEAVEN!. You are going to be FINE! You are ALWAYS...JUST FINE!!

  2. That first photo is such a winner!!! The happiness hits ya! The "bestest wiggliest" kind, beamed on by the sun.

  3. I'm with Pam. That first photo IS a winner.

    Keep a cool head girl.

    You're bursting with talent. Just remember to breathe, breathe, breathe.

  4. You're doing it. NOTHING is too big for you, Susan. Your middle name is conqueror. :D



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