carrying on

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

oh my helvetica you really are timeless aren't you ?

Lately I've been wondering if maybe I've becoming a bit of a workaholic.

I've turned into this super duper driven, organized, productive, can't seem to sit around ever and do nothin' kinda gal. Believe me, sitting (or laying preferably in the nest of down & flannel ) doing nothing used to be my most favourite activity. I would begin each & every day in the spirit of vim & vigour only to begin petering out by just past lunch, yearning for 5pm to come so I could call that day- a day and begin psyching myself up for the revolution that surely would begin the next day. Over and over, day by day this was my pattern for years. Wanting, wishing, hoping, dreaming that I could/would become the person I now am. I've decided I'm not a workaholic ... I've become a lifeaholic. My life & work, work & life are all so wonderfully tangled up with each other that they really are one in the same. Pinch me please.

& Sybil not quite a teenager - I'd say perpetually just turned 30 ;-)

More Fun youthful wisdom - a gorgeous anthem for life

If you're lost and alone 
Or you're sinking like a stone,  
Carry on  
May your past 
be the sound of your feet 
upon the ground 
and carry on  
Carry on, carry on



  1. Good. All that energy. You can come help me with my garage sale.

  2. If my Bewitched twinklin' wasn't on the fritz Shammy I'd be there in a jiff - in spirit though

  3. ....your "Bewitched twinklin'" indeed...! LOVE THAT!!!
    To comment on the post: an ANTHEM, I think! you are AMAZING, dear girl, and it is raining out of your pores!!! Carry on, for sure!!


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